Rainbow Babe

There truly is just something so magical about seeing your rainbow baby smile.

And not just any smile, a genuine, not gas related, I SEE YOU MAMA smile.  It positively melts my heart into a million pieces.

I had my camera out earlier today, getting ready to snap Annie's 3 year pics (cause hellllllo 50 degrees in January -- need to take advantage and get her pics taken!!) and decided to snap a few of Teddy first.  He was wearing his new rainbow jammies and it was just the most perfect outfit for this sweet little rainbow to wear.

I seriously couldn't get enough of him -- and while he is usually such a stingy guy with his smiles, today he was just beaming ear to ear -- like he was actually SEEING me and not just smiling cause he had gas. 

I feel like it's taken him a bit longer than the big kids to see and focus (probably due to his 3 weeks early arrival and NICU and PICU stays), but the past few days I really feel like he's actually SEEING ME and that is just the best thing in the world.

I hope you've smiled looking at Teddy's infectious smile!  I just want to bottle up this sweet little boy and keep him this age forever and ever.  So innocent and perfect and just what my heart needed after saying goodbye to our sweet Clark.  I know Clark is smiling down so big seeing us love on his little brother...because I am absolutely convinced Clark hand-picked this little boy in heaven and sent him to us.

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