To The Zoo We Go!

One of my most favorite winter things to do is hit up the Zoo -- I HATE crowds, and the Zoo is usually packed most days...except the ones when it's freezing cold out (and a weekday!) and everyone stays that's when we go!

Remember last year when I took Annie and she got quite a show with the Polar Bear?!?!

Anyways, a week or so ago the girls + Teddy and I decided to hit up the Zoo.  It was a chilly morning and I figured it would be the perfect time to go visit the Zoo -- and boy was I right! 

I brought my big camera (duh!) and got some of my new favorite Zoo snaps!

The girls were TROOPERS.  I think we walked about 2.5 miles around the Zoo and neither one of them complained about walking or the weather!  It was pretty awesome -- the girls did so well and Teddy was snug in my Tula for our journey.  We got to see so many of the animals and practically had them to ourselves!  The only animal we didn't see that I was bummed about was the Polar Bear -- guess we'll just have to come back again, huh?!

Of course I snapped some iPhone pics too (#excessivepicturetaker) and I love those snaps that we got too!  Of course they've got nothing on my big camera but still so fun to see!

It was such an amazingly fun morning at the Zoo with my favorite little ladies -- I hope we can do it a few more times during the winter before the crowds come back again.

We had to hit up IMOS after a fun morning at the Zoo and the girls thought that was just the best ending to our fun Zoo adventure morning!

Until next time STL Zoo...we'll be back sooooon!  We promise!

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