Annie Goes to the Nail Salon!

Big day for Annie girl today: she had her first pedicure!!

And I think this picture sums it up perfectly: SHE WAS IN HEAVEN.

Just about 2 years ago I took Rosie when she was two years old to her first nail trip...and we decided to take Annie today as an early birthday gift/congrats you're potty trained gift/and just mama really needed to get a pedi BADLY so made a girls' date out of it!

We actually invited Aunt Erin along too and I think she enjoyed our ladydate as well.  Teddy crashed it also but he's such a good dude he just chilled so quietly in his carseat for our entire trip! WOOT!  Gotta take advantage of that cooperating from him as long as I can. haha

The girls had a blast picking out colors for their hands and feet...and only Annie managed to smudge her toenails before even getting out of her seat and needing to get them touched up before we left. HAHA!

We had such a fun day together -- I cannot wait to take my girlies back again in the future for a future nail date!  They were so good and just loved the foot toilet (as they called it! haha) they got to put their feet in.  And me?!  Well I never turn down a pedicure opportunity so if they want to go back again soon, I AM ALL ABOUT IT!

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