I Don't Want to Forget This

I don't want to forget this.

Any of this.  And I feel like it's flying by -- our time with our sweet little rainbow babe, our last and final babe -- and I am trying to document as much of Teddy's little life and details as much as possible.

I snapped these pics a few weeks ago (and obviously am just catching back up on the blog train here...so gonna try and be better about posting things in the months to come!) -- and I feel like they need to live here in their own post.

I'm so obsessed with all of his little details...I just don't ever want to forget them.  The way he blows bubbles and his little hands and feet.  GAHHHH! I just love them.  And so wish I had these snaps of the big kids too when they were just this little (hindsight is 20/20, isn't it?!?) -- but I'll savor in that I have them of our sweet little Teddy Bear.

I snapped these almost 'selfie style' with my big camera (which is not easy to do, by the way!) while he was sitting on my lap and I am just so obsessed with them.  I love that rainbow striped sleeper of his (you bet I ordered it in a bigger size too!) and just love his little smirks and facial expressions.  He hasn't been generous yet with his smiles so I feel like when I capture one I need to remember it for always.

Oh Ted!  You are such a dream babe and we love you so so so much! I never want to forget this age and all of your adorableness at 2 months old.

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