An Evening of Rainbows

The past week or so the weather in STL has been nutty: we've had a chance for those crazy, rouge 'out of nowhere' pop up thunderstorms to happen nearly every day...which makes it super fun to schedule photo shoots cause it's such a gamble -- will it pour?! Will it be sunny?!?!  So fun!  I will say the forecast for the next week looks much better so hopefully no issues with rain...fingers crossed.

ANYWHO, it looked dicey on Thursday night but my family I had a session with and I decided to go for it; the rain looked like it'd stay just to the east of the park where we were doing pics and YASSS! We were right!  We got their entire session in -- and at the end we spotted the biggest rainbow ever and even stole a pic with it for this family.

While I was snapping Mike text me ^^^ these photos and I was like OMG that looks so pretty! I hope it's still there when I get home! 

What's crazy is it wasn't raining at all, just this big huge gorgeous rainbow that I swear got brighter and brighter as I drove home! EEEKKKK!  Mike and the girls and Ted were outside so naturally as soon as I got home I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics...cause we all know how much I love rainbows.

Mike then took my camera and snapped these of Ted and I and golly, I just love them so much.  A big wave from our Clark man we were getting and it made me so so so happy. 

Anyways, just wanted to share this evening of rainbows with you all!  They always seem to put me instantly in a better mood...they are just pure magic.  I swear there's a lot of healing powers in them -- and we're always on the lookout for them too.

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