Captures for Clark - Camille's Story

Over the past almost year and a half, I've been snapping A LOT -- but there have been a good amount of things I've snapped as part of Captures for Clark that many don't know about...and that's okay.  Because a lot of those stories I capture are just for those families to have.  However, I have had a few families over the past year and a half want me to share their stories -- and I feel like I have, here and there on social media, but never a kind of 'full circle' post that I've been wanting to do I just, well, I haven't had the time (or headspace, to be honest) in the past to do it.

That changed yesterday.

I finally sat down, cleared my head, and wrote...all about this sweet little lady Camille.

And I wanted to share her story here on my blog too. 

Like I said, a lot of what I capture for Captures for Clark stays private, but there are some stories that families want me to share and I'm going to honor their babe, keep their name said loud and proud, and share for them.  You all know I'm committed to breaking that stigma surrounding loss, and sharing these stories for these amazing families is a small part I can keep doing to do that.

Please check out the link below to read Camille's story. I am so honored to tell it, and even more so to have this wonderful family in my life -- and in front of my lens.

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