Ted's Food Adventures

I said back in Ted's 6 month post how we hadn't started solids yet...and we hadn't! But a week or so after that we decided to go ahead and give it a whirl...Ted was close to sitting up and totally interested in what we were eating...so, his food adventures began!

His first solid was ice cream.  And then french fries.  YOLO, right?!?! HAHA!

He loooooved Chick-Fil-A sauce too! (jk jk jk -- it's just apple/banana baby food Mike put in the sauce container).

And keeping with tradition, one of his first food was BBQ sauce, just like his big siblings!!!! (hehehehehe, jk, it was prunes!).

Much like we did with Rosie and Annie, we're doing a combo of baby-led-weaning and pouches of baby food.  He has yet to come across anything he hasn't liked, and has tried SO MUCH.  We totally suck at introducing one new food only for a few days...yeah, haven't done that.  But he seems to be just like his older siblings and having no issues with peanut butter, strawberries, dairy, bread....all of the allergy foods it seems he's doing okay with (thankfully!).

And since starting him on solids, he's been sleeping even better than he was before!  Usually sleeping a solid 12-13 hours a night (and hasn't had a random middle of the night wakeup in weeks!) and one long, 3+ hour nap a day.  It's been glorious.  He was totally ready and I'm so glad we've started!  Although he's a complete mess while eating, it's still such a cute milestone and I'm sure he'll just keep getting better and better with his feeding himself as he gets older.

So, enjoy this lovely little photo dump of all of Ted's food adventures.  I feel like this is a big milestone I've documented with the other kiddos...so, here ya go!

Eat up Teddy bear!

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