Panic Purchase

Waayyyyyy back in March I panic purchased a 14 foot frame pool from Big Lots online (only $194 so a steal in my book) and it's been sitting in our garage. I was sooooo hoping it'd just stay there and the pools would open and we wouldn't have to bust it out.

Welp, as the end of May approached, that totally looked like it wasn't going to happen anytime soon, if at all this summer, that the pools would open.  So last week, after spending hours cleaning out the garage and back patio, Mike and I decided to put the pool 9pm at night in the pitch black. YOLO, right?!?!

But man, it's SO WORTH IT. The last time (2016!!) we had a hoosier pool setup it was down in our backyard (and a smaller pool).  This year we got a bigger one and measured our back patio and it looked like the 14 foot monster would JUST fit so we decided to put it up top and OMG. Best.decision.ever.  Way less buggy, no leaves and trees to worry about, in the sun most of the day, easy, clean access from the sliding glass door...and just so many more reasons I love it up top.

Patrick is at his vacation home at the lake indefinitely (haha) so he hasn't gotten to experience it (yet! He'll be back soon!), but the girls and Ted (and heck, Mike and I too!) have SO SO SO enjoyed it!  Seriously, best panic purchase decision EVER.

It was SO COLD the first few days ^^^...

...but it warmed up super fast!  And we have spent HOURS in it every day.

I bought a ton of pool toys and floats at Target and they have been so worth the money.

Anyways, just wanted to share the best pandemic purchase (aside from Hulu) I've ever bought! I'm sure we'll be spending allllll summer in here...since nothing else is open. haha!

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