In my early pandemic panicked purchase, I bought a pool.  It's been chilly until like yesterday so we haven't set it up...yet.  We will be soon.  BUT, in the meantime I found this rockin' under $40 rainbow sprinkler on Amazon and JUST HAD TO GET IT.

The kids LOVE IT.  And have played with it 3 separate times since so most definitely worth the price tag for that.  Heck, if they'd have just played with it once it was worth it!

They had a BLAST.  It was so much fun, made a gigantic mud puddle pond in the front yard, but it was so worth it!

I had my big camera out there snapping away, and the only thing that would have made this better would be if it wasn't overcast but nice and sunny.  I'm sure we'll get this out again and I'll get some perfect golden hour evening snaps with it soon.

Ted was our lifeguard and oh what an adorably perfect little one he was! HAHA!

All in all, a great purchase and I think we've got our money's worth already...excited to see what happens with this rainbow all summer -- I'm sure lots of sprinkler time is coming at us! :)

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