How on earth did this happen??!  You were just born like 5 minutes ago and now you are on this rapid path towards double digits faster than I can even comprehend.  I truly cannot believe you're seven: that just feels so darn old! GAHHHH!!

My biggest dude, my first babe is seven whole years old today and I am just obsessed as ever with him.  He's the sweetest, kindest, most energetic kiddo I have ever met and the amount he drives me crazy is quickly dissolved by his compassion and heart and excitement he has for literally everyone and everything he comes into contact with.

Keeping with tradition, we had a fun little photo shoot earlier this week to get Patrick's 7 year pics done and he did not disappoint!

Golly, isn't he handsome or what??!?!  And I love that he's alllllll about taking pics too -- both posing for them and taking them!

Unfortunately no big party or anything for him this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic...but we hopefully will have a great day at home with all of the things he wants to do (ribs for dinner! S'mores for dessert over a fire! Campout in the backyard with dad!).

I think we've got his 7 year checkup coming soon -- if it doesn't get rescheduled -- but thought I'd leave you with my favorite mom stats until then!

  • Patrick weighs 62 pounds -- and stands I think about 50" tall.  He wears size 2 shoes and size 8 clothes (some size 10, depending on the brand).  He's a big dude!! We have his official check up in a few weeks so curious to see what his stats are!
  • He's lost 3 teeth thus far!  I think more will be falling out soon... what's funny is he's lost ZERO of them at home -- they've all fallen out at the lake or school! haha!
  • Still a great sleeper.  Come 8pm he is DONEEEEE for the day and usually passes out so fast after his head hits the pillow.  And then he's usually wide awake around 7 or 8 the next morning.  He does tend to have some down time in the afternoon when everyone else is napping, but other than that, he's a super duper active dude!
  • Recently has graduated to the boys' room and shares a room with Teddy! HE LOVES IT!  Hopefully that never changes. haha!
  • Absolutely adores school and has really really been missing it and his buddies and teacher with all of the stay home orders that have canceled the last 1/4th of his year in first grade.  Has really enjoyed his first year of PSR too!
  • Really really loves sports (super bummed to miss baseball season this year...hopefully soccer will go on as planned in the fall!) and loves to make up games to play with his sisters. 
  • Would live outside and get dirty 24/7 if we'd let him!  He is ALLLLLL boy!  Loves to run and play, whether that be on foot, bike, scooter -- anything!  He is a fun-loving kid that is just obsessed with being outside all of the time.
  • Loves to go swimming and is an amazing swimmer!  Perhaps next summer he'll do the swim team.
  • Obsessed with all things army -- loves playing with him army men, dressing up like an army man and attacking his sisters with his nerf guns, watching army movies, reading army (specifically WWII books), and truly anything in regards to army!
  • Is my little apprentice when it comes to taking pictures!  Loves to snap pics on his phone but also on my backup camera too.  And he is GOOD!  Entered 50 pictures in the shoot & share contest this year and I'm so anxious to see how he does!
  • Loves to build things with the magnatiles and legos -- can really create some awesome things with what he can come up with to construct!
  • Decided to quit cold turkey with thumb sucking and having his monkey pillow!  Literally one day was like DONEEEEE and that was it!  Hasn't sucked his thumb or asked for his monkey pillow ever again.
  • Absolutely adores and loves his little siblings so much!  Teddy is the current favorite but I'm sure once he starts fighting back that title will quickly fade.  Definitely has a love-hate relationship with Rosie: they love to fight and push each other's buttons! But at the end of the day they love each other and love playing together more than anything. 
  • His current favorite things include: superheroes, all things army, riding his bike and scooter, watching YouTube videos on how to play video games, iPhone games, watching movies, taking pictures, building forts, legos...and probably so much more I cannot think of!
  • Nicknames (not really many...more so what his little siblings call him!): Papi, P-Ray, P, PatPat are a few.
Welp friends, that's all I've got for my little (BIG!) dude at SEVEN!  Gosh, I still cannot believe he's SEVEN!  It just seems so darn old!  Happy birthday to the dude who made me a mama.  Love you to the moon and back, and back again and again and again big guy!

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