Patrick's 7th Birthday

Oh my gosh, what an awesome 7th birthday Patrick had!  I posted on Facebook a recap of his day and I truly don't think he'll ever remember this birthday was in the middle of a pandemic when he's looking back on it.  We did every single thing he wanted and I don't think he could have been any happier!

The morning started with Mike getting home from work with traditional birthday donuts!

After breakfast we opened presents before Mike had to go get some sleep for a bit...and oh boy!  What awesome presents Patrick got!  Lots of army stuff, a Survivor buff, Nerf gear, custom Sour Patch kids, soccer goalie gloves, new slippers, and so much more!

Although I think his favorite gift was this: a new electric scooter!

Mike went to bed and then the kids and I went outside to play and Patrick got to ride his new scooter all over!  He was in heaven!

It was soooooo hot out (like mid-80s) and the kids were begging to play in the sprinkler.  Welp, we didn't have a fun kids sprinkler (yet! one has been ordered from Amazon!!) so I let them play in the hose and they had a blast!

Teddy enjoyed watching his big siblings year he'll be out there with them I'm sure!

My parents dropped off Patrick's gift and left a super cool yard sign for him too! He loved it!

We then went inside for lunch and naps for the girls and Teddy and Patrick enjoyed playing with all of his new toys and Nerf gear!

Once the girls and Teddy got up -- we got Mike up too and decided to go play outside...little did Patrick know we had a HUGE surprise in store for him: a birthday parade with FOUR POLICE CARS and ONE MOTORCYCLE leading it!  He was in heaven!

I get goosebumps looking at this -- he was so surprised and had so much fun!  Kudos to Mike for ochestrating this with his Kirkwood police buddies to happen.

We then played for a bit -- Mike and the kids built a fire -- and eventually enjoyed Patrick's requested dinner meal: ribs with cheesy potatoes and strawberries!

He was in HEAVEN!! And I will say these were some of Mike's best ribs EVER!

We then did cake -- which was SO GOOD.  Seriously, this bakery we always use makes the best cakes!

After this it was time to call it a night -- the girls and Ted got baths and headed to bed while Patrick and Mike got their stuff set up for Patrick's final birthday treat: a backyard camp out!

I joined them outside for a bit for some s'mores before I retreated into the A/C to go to bed -- but the boys enjoyed their special campfire and sleeping in a tent!  I'm sure this will happen more and more during the summer -- both of them had a blast!

All in all, Patrick had a wonderful 7th birthday -- and I really don't think he will ever remember that we were stuck at home.  Yes, we didn't have a big party with his friends and family at the park as we had planned, but I think this was a pretty good runner up too :) Here's to an amazing new trip around the sun with my biggest little dude!  Cannot wait to see what this year has in store for you big guy!

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