34 weeks.

34 weeksssss!  5 weeks to go.

Cannot believe it.  So close to being within a MONTH of meeting this little guy or gal! EEKKKK!!

This kid is SO EXCITED about being a big brother again.  He wants to name this kid Patrick Ray Mooney (just like him!) and thinks it's a brother.  Unless he starts talking about the baby and refers to it as "she" so I think even he doesn't know!  Haha!

It has been heavenly being off work for the past week -- my back is not nearly killing me as bad as it has been, but that's probably because I've been sitting a lot more than standing and walking around.  However, what has been killing me is my ribs -- they feel like they are cracking more times than not and to me that just tells me how high this kid is sitting (again: girl guess!).  I did schedule a pregnancy massage (!!!) so next Tuesday I'll be getting that and I am SO EXCITED about it.  The same guy who did my last 2 when I was pregnant with Patrick and Rosie is doing it again with this one and I'm super jazzed about that -- he works WONDERS.

33w2d with Ro on the left, 33w2d with #3 on the right!  Gosh, looks almost identical to me!  Definitely makes me think girl even more!

Christmas was oodles of fun this year (read all about it here) and I totally sported the tackiest maternity shirt I could find for some of the festivities.  Haha!

Katie and I also got a bump snap in front of the tree as well -- 20 weeks for her (with identical twin BOYS!), almost 34 for me!  EEKKK! So exciting to have cousins so close again!

Okay!  So I usually publish these posts bright and early on Tuesdays buttttt I had my 34 week appointment with my OB today so I figured I'd add those little tid bits to this post before publishing, hence the late afternoon weekly blog update.

So!  34 weeks with #3 at my OB and things are looking great!  #3 was measuring past 39 weeks (OMG) and his/her heart rate was in the high 140s.  Everything else looked great and I cannot believe I only have 3 OB appointments left before this kid comes! AHHH!

That's about all I've got for week 34!  5 short weeks to go and I'm itching with anticipation!  Have a great New Years friends and I'll catch you for week 35 to kick off 2017!  Adios!

Current Gender Prediction?GIRL
Cravings?Oreos with ice cold milk
Rings on or off?ON!
Movement?OODLES of kicks and punches
Linea Nigra?VERY faint below belly button? still can't really tell!

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