Break Break Break!

Ahhhhh, the sweetness that is still Christmas break!  Fortunately I get another week off which is lovely -- classes don't resume for me until January 9th!  I do have oodles of work to do, but that'll be calling my name Monday...for now, I relax!

Okay, so I haven't been relaxing as much as I'd like -- I've had oodles of photoshoots this week (just finished snapping my fourth of the week this morning) and the kids have kept me busy with all of their Christmas gifts, but it's been fun being off and being with them.

Unfortunately Mike has been working all week (read: sleeping during the day) so it's been a lot of me and the kids (and boy, at almost 9 months pregnant they!) but we've had a lot of fun.

Ro has been a character all week with her persona -- gosh I don't remember Patrick being this vocal or talking this much at her age!  But she really wanted to wear his undies on the outside of her jammies, makes the funniest faces when I tell her we have to go somewhere, and practically devoured that entire plate of chicken fingers at dinner the other night!  Gosh I love her so, sassy personality and all!

Our friends the Mackenzies were in town from California earlier this week so we had them over for dinner and Patrick and Rosie loved playing with Will (he turned 2 in September).  They had such a blast and were completely worn out when he left!  Haha!  We did try getting a snap of the grandmas with their grandkids when they were over but yeah, you can see how well that went over.  Wasn't happening.  Still a funny picture though, right?!!

I'm sure you saw my 34 weeks post earlier this week, but I am SO EXCITED about his/her arrival!  Not that I wasn't for Patrick and Ro's arrival, but I guess since I've done this a couple times before it makes it even more exciting than it was in the past (cause maybe I know what to expect?!).  #3 has been moving like crazy this week and I even captured a belly video of him/her kicking away in there!  Literally ONE MONTH from Saturday and we'll meet this kid!  CANNOT WAIT!

Just a random pic of Scooter holding his custom dog disc that we recently found when cleaning out the kids' room.  It's got a squeaker in it and Scoots really isn't a fan...but makes for a cute pic, huh?!

Speaking of rooms, I am 100% done and ready for #3 to come!  Seriously, all of his/her clothes are washed and put away, diapers washed, stuffed, and put away, and room is READY.  I literally just need to bring up the carseat and pack and play for our room and we are ready to go!  Oh, and pack the hospital bag...but that'll come soon enough.  I feel so good that everything is ready to go for this kid's arrival!  However, I don't want him/her coming before their c-section date on 1/31!

Just some random adorable snaps from this week -- the kids each pick books before bed and they picked Love You Forever earlier this week and Mike couldn't finish it because he got to the end, looked at me and said, "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THIS IS A SAD BOOK!?!!" Sure made for a cute pic though, right?!  And I totally bribed them both with candy for an apron snap the other day when they both wanted their chef's outfits on!  Totally worth it.  That pic melts my heart.

Patrick is a HORRIBLE driver.  I just had to point that out now so in 12ish years when he's driving around I can refer him back to this video and say, "See?!  You've always been like that!" -- but hopefully not, hopefully he'll get his dad's driving skills and not his mom's, which is kinda what this video resembles.  Haha.

Last night we had the "last supper" with my brother Ben and his wife Erin and their dog Brady before they moved to Boston today.  We are going to miss them SOOOOO much!  I cannot believe they're really gone and we probably will only see them on holidays now.  Gosh, I cannot believe it!  Glad we got some matching Lularoe leggings snaps last night and some pics of them with the kids.  We are so going to miss them!

So, that's about all I've got for this mid-break update!  I can't believe 2016 is coming to a close in a few short days -- I have oodles of end of the year posts (my top 10 favorites of 2016!  My 366 project wrap up!) coming your stay tuned for those.  Have a great one friends!!

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