Weekend Roundup

First off, the biggest part of this weekend was most definitely the merger -- read all about the kiddos bunkin' up together here.

Seriously, it really couldn't have gone any better and I'm really hoping it continues to go that well in the future!  Especially when #3 gets here 6 short weeks from tomorrow!

Patrick saw that Rosie had on those jammies late last week and he requested to "match" and then told Mike to tell me to get my camera for a picture of them in front of the tree.  DUHHH.  I happily obliged.  How freaking adorable and sweet are they?!  Melts my flippin' heart every.single.time.

Speaking of tree, Mike snapped this pic of me in front of the tree late last week and I just love it!  A little different take on the silhouette pic I usually take in front of our window in our room and I just love it so.

Last week we had our buddies the Horns over for dinner and it was SO FUN having these tiny friends all together!  Especially since they're all so close in age!  Wesley is about 6 weeks older than Patrick, and Rosie is 6 weeks older than June!  Just the best.

After dinner Regan and I took the kiddos downstairs and Mike and Regan's hubby Jonathan installed our new mantel (that we got from them!) and I love it so!  We'll definitely have stockings for it next year (I want to find ones I really like and I want to order 5 of them together so we need to wait and find out what #3 is and his/her name before I order...so it's just a naked mantel for this year).  I just love having a mantel now over our fireplace to put things on!

These two are inseparable lately.  Patrick loves having his Rosie around and she adores her big brother.  Yes, they fight like no other, but for the most part they play together so well and love being with each other...which is probably why (thus far!) the room merger has gone well!  The last pic the kiddos got some new books from their buddies Huck and Elsie in Michigan and were loving reading them as soon as they opened them!  We have the best friends!

Rosie came with me on Friday to pick Patrick up from school and she was so excited to go get him!  Crazy to think about that in August she'll hopefully be there with him in the 2s preschool class a few days a week!  My babes are growing up so fast!

I have been hoarding gathering clothes for #3 since we found out he/she was coming at the end of May and I decided to get them out and OMG.  We have SO MANY!  But, to be fair, this kid is being born in a season we don't have a lot of clothes for anddddddd June & January have such adorable clothes for itty bitty babies so I've stocked up.  This kid is gonna be a well dressed one I assure you.  And thank you Scoots for being my trusty model, once again.  You're the best.

The other day Rosie demanded her shorts on over her jammies and who am I to stifle her fashion sense?!  She also loves this orange construction helmet and usually has it on 24/7 if she can find it.  Definition of a diva right thereeeee for you.

Reading his Highlights magazine with his Ray.  Nothing better!  Kid loves his grandparents more than I thought was possible!

I was playing with the portrait mode "depth effect" on my iPhone's 7plus camera and it's awesome.  Obviously Rosie and Mike were not thrilled with my testing of it on them (#eyeroll) but Patrick, my faithful smiler, happily obliged.  And Scooter.  Always so willing he is.

So it got super duper cold the past day or so and we had some ice and sleet and a dusting of snow and Patrick was SO EXCITED about it (it was seriously just a dusting!!!) and BEGGGGEEEEEDDDD to go out and play so we toss his jacket over his jammies and let him play outside for like 3 minutes before he even said his hands were cold (duh!  It's 10 degrees outside!) and wanted to come in.

But I did grab my camera (I get itchy if I haven't picked it up in a day or two!) and took some snaps of him playing before we went inside.

Anyways, that's about all I've got for today...we are off to my big family's annual Christmas party then Mike's dad's birthday dinner before heading off to bed for Patrick's LAST day of school for 2016 tomorrow!  I am super excited about this year's holidays (mostly cause my nesting has been in full-force yet I've gotten all the presents wrapped AND the kids' room merged -- two big things I wanted to get done ASAP in case #3 surprises us early!) and cannot wait to celebrate oh-so-soon.  Have a great one friends!

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