Scooter Rides the Roomba

I said in my post earlier last week about how we got a Roomba for Christmas from my parents.  Wellllll, I decided to put it to good use and made the best decision ever with it last night.

Scooter rides the Roomba!  Seriously, if he isn't the most patient dog in the entire world, I don't know what animal is.  He didn't seem to hate it (but maybe didn't like it either?  Just tolerated it?!!  Whatevs.  Made for a hilarious video, amiright?!!) and it was just awesome.

Anyways, shorttttt and sweet (rarity!  Such a rarity!) post from me today on Christmas Eve...I'm sure I'll have a big Christmas round-up post for ya tomorrow or Monday...stay tuned :)  Merry Christmas everyone!

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