It's Christmas Breakkkkkkk!!!

Ahhhhhh, it is Christmas break!  I'm officially done with school until 2017 and I have many many glorious days off with my kiddos before school resumes!  And when school resumes I only have 13 (!!!) school days before #3 is hatched.  I cannot believe it.

So!  Break is underway and I'm currently sitting with my feet up typing this here post while the kids play with all of their new toys, Mike is siestaing the day away in the bedroom, and the Roomba is humming along cleaning my floors.  AHHHH, so lovely.

Lemme backtrack a bit to earlier this week.

On Sunday night we celebrated Mike's dad's birthday a smidgen early (his actual birthday is on Christmas Eve) and it was so much fun!  The kids loved helping him unwrap his gifts and devouring the DELISH German chocolate cake Kathy always makes for his birthday.  We got him a brand new iPhone 6S (a big upgrade from his 5C!) and we hope he likes it!  Gifting technology to people makes my techie heart so happy.

After Rick's birthday Mike, Patrick, and I (Ro stayed at the Mooneys) hauled it to my brother Ben and his wife Erin's surprise going away party (albeit we were late!).  They are moving to Boston next week :( and we are going to miss them SO MUCH -- especially the kids!  We hope they come visit a lot and hopefully we can get up there to visit them too!

Monday was Patrick's last day of school for the semester and it was pajama day!  He loved wearing his jammies to school and I snapped a pic of him and Emma in their adorable jams before I headed off to work.  He had such a great first semester of 3s preschool I cannot wait to see what the second semester has in store for him!  I hope his love for school that he has now never ever fades (ha! keep dreaming Alex.)

Tuesday the kiddos and I ran up to school for me to meet with a few teachers and grab some paperwork I forgot to snag on Monday and I found the most PERFECT babysitter for them -- the giant bear!  Haha!  We celebrated being on Christmas break by hitting up Chick-fil-A for lunch and Ro totally took my bribe of indulging in my shake instead of playing in the playplace (read: I didn't want her to get stuck up top and my 8+ month pregnant self have to crawl up and fetch her.  No way Jose.)

I blogged a bit about my 2016 year favorites from Pics & Paws earlier and I just (again!) am so thankful for everything I got to snap in 2016 and am so looking forward to 2017!

Oh, it snowed literally A DUSTING last weekend and earlier this week it was still on the ground and these two were obsessed with it and would not 1. listen to me 2. stop running in it 3. get in the car.  I hope it snows a lot more soon so they can really see what the snow excitement is about when it's more than literally a speckling on the ground.

We don't get a lot of stair usage in our ranch house (minus down to the basement, but we don't go down there a lot) so Patrick has discovered sliding down the stairs at my parents house.  He did this probably 10 times the other day!  I remember doing this too when I was his age.  So fun.

I want to update about the room merger: it is going GREAT!  Yesterday they both napped (!!!) at the same time (Patrick actually fell asleep! SHOCKING!!) and they have been sleeping overnight great too.  They are waking up a bit earlier than usual (about 7:30...use to be more like 8-8:30) but both play in their room until 8ish before they're wanting out.  So I call that a win!  It really is going a whole lot better than I thought and I feel really good about bringing home a new baby and having them sharing a room and it being no problem at all.

Last night we celebrated Christmas early with the Pepin family and it was so much fun.  The kids were absolutely spoiled with all of their new toys -- Patrick got transformers and a robot and oodles of other things and Rosie got 3 (!!!) baby dolls (one being an American Girl Bitty Baby!), a bouncy horse, and a ton of other things as well.  Mike and I got some new crock pots, some Amazon moola, and a Roomba!  We all were very spoiled this year.

They woke up this morning and wanted to play with their new toys ASAP.  It was so cute.  And they are still playing so nicely together even 30+ minutes into me writing this post and that makes my heart happy.  Rosie is just such a little girly girl by how much she is loving on her babies (and how organized she is with them!!) and Patrick cannot stop telling stories and playing with his transformers.

All in all, it's been a wonderful start to Christmas break!  I cannot wait for this weekend to see how excited they are for Santa's arrival and all of our family shin digs.  Tonight I am SOOOO looking forward to a girls' night with my sister in law and her sister in law (also my friend!) -- we are all pregnant and we're going to get pedicures and out to dinner.  It will be a much needed relaxing treat for us mamas-to-be again!

Have a great one friends!!

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