Gingerbread Houses

Last night the kiddos and I went to my parents' house to build gingerbread houses!  My mom just had hip replacement surgery not even 2 weeks ago and she graciously invited us over, pre-constructed the house frames (hardest part, in my opinion!) and had the kids go to town on their houses!

I will say the kids ate WAY MORE candy than actually made it onto their houses.  Talk about a sugar high afterwards and then both completely crashed when we got home for baths and bed!  Haha!  Patrick kept saying, "I need to taste this before I put it onto my house."  Well, fair enough little man.

I loved how they wore their little aprons and how excited Rosie got when she clapped for herself after putting a piece of candy on her house.  It was too cute.

Finished products!  Aren't they awesome?!!  And 100% done by the kiddos (minus some icing help from my mom and I).  They are just the best and I love how they turned out!  Do you spot Rosie's chewed up Skittle she literally popped in her mouth, chewed, and then affixed to her roof?!  When she did that my mom and I were DYING.  So.darn.funny.

As much as a hassle as this was (and clean up.  Oyy.  Candy everywhere!) it was so much fun that I totally think we'll have to make this a tradition and do it next year too!

Switching gears, since I've got a few minutes (traffic = awful = Mike running late getting home this morning) and a blog post up, here's a few photo dump pics from this week for ya.

Patrick LOVES this Santa headband his friend Emma brought for everyone in his class (St. Nick brought them for her!) and loves wearing it around the house.  He didn't take it off on Wednesday until like bath time when he came home with it!  Too cute.

Speaking of bath time, here's a cute little snap from earlier this week -- and I captioned on Instagram that these kiddos are barely 10lbs apart now!  Rosie is about 31 or 32 pounds and Patrick is 43.  DANG.  This new kid is gonna feel like a bag of feathers compared to them!  Haha!

Rosie is OBSESSED with brushing her teeth.  She will say "TEEEEETTHHHH!!!" and run towards the bathroom and want to brush no less than 27 times a day.  Not kidding.

She also thinks the electric toothbrush St. Nick brought her is the funniest thing in the world and apparently loves the way it feels in her mouth.  Haha!

In just a few short weeks (after Christmas) these two will be bunking up in the same room so #3 can have his/her own room.  Patrick is SO EXCITED (he's also getting a big double bed too!) and I'm hoping Rosie will be too.  It'll make my sneaking in for siesta snaps easier cause I'll only be going into one room now.  Anyways, you KNOW the new room arrangement will be a blog post (or several!) all in their own, so stay tuned for that.  Using my Christmas break to move them together and all of their stuff and get all of the baby stuff out, washed, and organized in Patrick's current Cardinals room.

And lastly, I'll end this post with some adorable snaps of Patrick and Ro looking way older than they should this week and totally excited about rockin' their Big Bro Big Sis that are coming in 7.5 shorttttt weeks.  OMG.  So.close.

I have 2 photoshoots this weekend (BRRRRR -- well one is outside and one is a newborn inside), a friend's baby shower, and that's about it!  Looking forward to a low-key weekend hopefully :)

Have a good weekend friends!!!

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