Wellllllllll my friends, the time has come again to go see Santa.  We went a few weeks ago to Scooter's vet to see Santa there and it went awesome! -- for Patrick and Scooter.  Rosie wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with it...and these are the pictures we had to show for it.

So!  My OCD was DEMANDING that we go do the mall thing once again with the kids and Scooter to get a picture with the jolly guy himself.  Not that Scooter's vet wasn't great, but he was equipped to handle DOGS AND CATS not angry 19 month olds...which I feel like the mall Santas are much more prepared for.

If you remember my post from last year it went swimmingly well (and actually has gone well for 2013, 2014, and 2015) so this year MUST be the year it's gonna be a trainwreck.  Rosie is such a sassy diva lately I was 110% prepared for these pictures to be a hellish nightmare and there'd be chaos on Santa's lap.

Once again I booked ahead (and saved some $$ by prepaying) and reserved our spot at the mall for 4:18pm (we have to go on a special night and time since Scoots goes with us) and after I got done with school, hauled it to pick Patrick up and get him home and everyone dressed we headed out to the mall around 4pm.  Again, not optimistic (and I think Mike echoed my sentiment) BUT!  I had to do this to keep with tradition and have something to look back on for 2016, right?! RIGHT.

I should mention doing the reservation route is THE BEST way to go.  We were in and out of there in like 10 minutes, and got to butt in front of all of the "walk-ins" in that most definitely was worth our trip and took the waiting stress out of this whole experience.

Patrick was so excited to see Santa and he insisted on handling Scoots through the mall and kept telling Rosie to smile on Santa's lap.

Wellllll, the smiling tactic paid off for him, not so much for Ro...

But this is an amazing Christmas 2016 santa pic.  I love it so much.  Definitely my favorite to date and it's just perfect.  Patrick smiling but unsure of the whole situation, Rosie like "get me the eff out of here!!" and Scooter doing his "no look no care" face because I'm sure he's OVER IT in regards to pictures lately.

And I was right: Rosie FLIPPED.  She had a death grip on my neck as soon as we approached Santa and I literally had to pry her away and set her on his lap, which clearly she wasn't thrilled about.  Oh.well.  Made for one amazing picture, amiright?!

And here's the last 4 years of Santa pics just for good measure (you know I love me some good comparison snaps!) and 2016 takes the cake thus far.  Just perfect.  Can't wait to see what next year's looks like!

We then brought dinner to my mom and dad's and Rosie found a bottle of water...and the rest is ^^^ pretty self explanatory.

'Twas a great Monday night friends...I hope yours was too! :)

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