Sunday Funday

This weekend is SUCH a rarity: Mike has been off (!!!) and I had ZERO photo shoots booked!  So crazy.  But so awesome and I love how much family time we got together!  And it was a good thing I didn't have any because I probably would have had to reschedule them: cold and rainy most of the weekend.  Ugh.

BUT!  Even though I don't have any photo shoots I tend to get a little antsy and want to snap some pics -- so both Saturday and Sunday today results in me getting my camera out and snapping a few pics...

Scooter was first up as my test subject and oh how cooperative he was!  I have a couple newborn shoots coming up (I guess I should include taking #3's own newborn pics in there too!) so I was practicing on Scoots.  Gosh is he the most patient dog in the world or what?!!

On Sunday (thank you Timehop for the reminder!) I got the kids in their matching jammies and we snapped (4th year in a row!) pics with Scoots in front of the tree.

And then that didn't last long because they kids started tickling each other and wrestling and my pictures turned more candid (my fave!) than anything else.

Crazy to think next year at this time Patrick will be 4.5, Rosie will be 2.5, and new babe will be 10 months old.  NUTS!!!  And I love how my camera, equipment, and editing style have changed every year for the past 4 years.  Haha.

Our buddies Rory and Milo came over for a bit this morning and we snapped a cute boys pic (Rosie was having NOTHING to do with more pictures then.  *Eyeroll.*) and I just love the way it turned out!  I'm so glad they are nice and close now and can come over at the drop of a hat whenever they want!

We did hit up lunch with them too and we had to be at 2 different tables but it totally worked out cause the boys all got their own table and it was so funny watching them eat and talk!  And they did SO WELL that Robyn, Mike, and I actually got to eat our lunch and talk (with minor distractions from Rosie in her own chair at our table!).  'Twas truly a Sunday Funday with them!

Switching gears, the kiddos LOVE our new blow ups (especially Patrick -- he tells everyone about them and always wants to go outside and "check" on them. haha!) and it just cracks me up how excited they get about seeing them inflated at night!  These kids (especially Patrick) sure love Christmas decorations.  They love driving around looking at them -- something I didn't enjoy doing until I got older!

Sassy pants continues to refuse the high chair, both at home and out and about.  She'll be 20 months old on Tuesday and I think we are bidding it farewell, which is such a bummer cause Patrick was 2.5 before he ditched it!  I shouldn't complain too much cause she does sit and eat at her table and her up and moving wanderings aren't THAT frequent.  Still, I miss high chaired baby Rosie and cannot believe how fast she's growing up!

Oh and Patrick is obsessed with having "coffee" in the morning (spoiler: it's water) -- think he's seen Mike drink it a few (thousand) times or what?!! ;-)

Just a few cute Rosie pics from this reason other than her smile makes me want to smile too!  It's so contagious!

Yesterday Rosie and I were unintentionally twinning with our black and white stripe shirts so Mike snapped a few pics of us together.  Rosie really gives THE BEST hugs around.  They're my favorite.

We had an "adult party" (as Patrick told all of his teachers at school on Friday! haha!) on Friday night with our friends and Patrick went to the lake for a night.  We drove down there last night to pick him up, take Kate out to dinner and give her her birthday presents for her birthday.

This is one of the gifts we gave her (other was a Kindle Fire!!) and it is so awesome!  I am thrilled with how it turned out (got it from here which worked out cause they're semi-local to STL!) and I think Kate loves it too.

Patrick (and moral support Rosie) sent their KiKi a birthday message this morning and it just melted my heart hearing him sing.  She's our favorite person on this earth and we are so happy to call her ours!

Anyways, that's about all I've got for this Sunday Funday post!  I'm off to do the laundry and dishes before getting everyone up from their afternoon siestas to go to family dinner.  Have a great week friends!!

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