Taking Stock

Wowzers.  It has been a hot minute since my last taking stock post (um, back in JUNE!) I figured I'd whip another one up here this afternoon while the burritos are still siestaing the day away and I'm avoiding doing all of the other household things I need to do...so lucky you!  You get a blog post from yours truly!

Making: A list for Shop n' Save, which is where we're headed once the kiddos wake up from their naps.  We are having our Christmas party tomorrow night and there's still a few things I need to pick up for it.

Cooking: Well, I will be cooking (eh, preparing) a few dips for our party tomorrow night later this evening after the kiddos go to bed.  A few of them taste much better if they're made the day before and can sit and chill in the fridge before the event (ahem, bacon cheddar ranch dip!).

Drinking: Water.  All day, every day.  Seems like this is my common response to this question whenever I'm doing one of these posts...and according to the utlrasound tech yesterday, I do very well with my drinking because #3's fluid levels are just perfect.

Reading: This book (thanks MP for the recommendation) and I finally have gotten to a part where it's so good I don't want to put it down!  I have aboug 50 pages left and cannot wait to tear through them soon...maybe after the kids go to bed and before I pass out for the evening. 

Wanting: Someone to come over and address the 100+ Christmas cards I have waiting to be sent out for me.  I usually don't mind doing this and am always on top of it, but this year, gah, I just don't wanna and they're mocking me sitting there in their pile longing to be sent out but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Looking: At our 30 week ultrasound pics from yesterday and SO HAPPY everything is looking good with #3!  I cannot believe that in less than 9 weeks we will meet this babe and find out if it's a boy or girl!  I literally CANNOT WAIT.  I'm so excited!

Playing: I'm kinda addicted to my XM satellite radio in my car and cannot stop listening to all of my favorite 2000s country hits on this station.  I really need to turn on Christmas music instead to get me in the holiday mood but I just love my old country hits so much!  They remind me of college!

Wishing: This holiday season to be a good one!  Obviously part of me wants to hurry up and get through it so we can meet #3, but another part of me wants it to go slow because Christmas is my favorite time of the year and it's infinitely better with kids.  Gah, the struggle!

Enjoying: Seeing Patrick and Rosie absolutely light up when they found out Donuts the Elf came back this morning and brought new blow ups and donuts with him!  Patrick called me at work to tell me all about it and I just burst with a happy heart seeing how excited he was! 

Loving: The fact that Patrick is old enough to 1. go with me to my doctor's appointments AND be so well behaved there and 2. ask me to take a selfie pic with him cause he wants a pic with his mama.  Gosh, I don't think my heart can take any more of his adorableness.  Biased, I know.

Pondering: How drastically life is going to change with 3 kids.  Officially outnumbered.  But in a good way...and really holding people to it who say going from 1-2 is the hardest and going from 2-3 is a walk in the park.  Gosh I hope they're right.

Considering: The logistics and all that jazz of coordinating 4 tech classes from home while I'm on maternity leave.  I did this with Ro no problem so I'm hoping my OCD of planning and setup prepares me to do the same thing (and it go just as smoothly!) this time around. 

Watching: HGTV.  My new favorite thing to have on in the background.  I love fixer upper type shows (current fave = Flip or Flop) and love to imagine what they'd do to my house (hopefully FOR FREE) if one of these guys or gals showed up at my door.

Needing: A few things for #3 still but pretty much we're all set for his/her arrival.  I do really need to organize all of his/her stuff in his/her new room and move Patrick in with Rosie...that's on the Christmas break agenda in a few weeks.  I'm sure that room sharing move will be a huge blog post entirely in itself. 

Wearing: Shockingly still my clothes I taught in today!  Khakis, my current favorite maternity shirts (Jessica Simpson's because they are the only ones that are long and stretchy enough to go over my big belly!), and a cardigan.  I was too tired after school to change and do anything but plop down on the couch!  So lazy am I.

Following: Scooter with my eyes...he's pacing back and forth in the family room and making me nervous.  He's probably trying to find a good place to wizzle inside since it's warm in here. *eyeroll*

Noticing: How much of a little lady Rosie is (gah! 20 months old she'll be next week!) and not so much a baby anymore.  She is so motherly and girly; always wanting bows in her hair, play with dolls, and wearing her favorite apron.  I know she's going to be such a great big sister to this new little bambino!

Feeling: Oh so ready to meet #3 and then not so much.  I mean, YES!  I'm so excited and cannot wait, but I also know that I have 8+ weeks to go until this little one comes and I want to savor as much time as possible with my two burritos as a I can before they get another sibling added to their mix.  Ahhh, parenting is hard sometimes.

Admiring: The new Applecheeks unicorn diaper!  Duh, I need it for Rosie and #3...so, #ordered.  We have more diapers than we could ever need (I could probably cloth triplets with our stash and not have to wash but every few days!) buttttt I just can't resist it when they come out with a new print!

Sorting: Some recent photoshoot snaps into an album/blog post I'm whipping up for my photog blog for a year in review/2016 favorites.  Gosh, there are SO MANY favorites I have -- it is going to be hard to narrow down!

Buying: The last few Christmas gifts we need and then I'll officially be DONE and just need to wrap them!  Woo hoo!!  I love Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales so much (gosh we've gotten so many packages this week already!) and I'm trying to take advantage of them the best I can to get the best deals AND get all of our shopping done well before Christmas. 

Getting: ready to take a quick shower (after I finish this here post for you :) before getting the kiddos up to go to the store and then to my parents for dinner so Mike can sleep because he's got to be back at work at 11pm tonight.  Which his night schedule is working out well thus far (knock on wood!) and hopefully I'll continue to say the same well after #3 comes along. 

Bookmarking: A few things on my Amazon wish list for #3 as a reminder of things I need to buy before this kid comes.  He/she truly doesn't need anything, just a few little things like disposable diapers and what not that'll be handy for those first few weeks at home.

Disliking: Still so much anti-cop sentiment out there.  Gosh I feel like a broken record complaining about this but geez louise, it really needs to stop.  These guys and gals are out there protecting us and we really need to respect them and show them appreciation for risking their lives day in and out for us.

Feeling: Kinda sorta hungry -- I didn't have a big lunch today because I literally had 4+ hours of meetings this morning and didn't do my usual desk snacking so I'm hoping dinner tonight hits the spot cause mama is HUNGRY.

Snacking: Nope.  Not snacking.  Resisting the urge to tear into that bag of peanut M&Ms on the counter and just wait until dinner.  You can do it Alex!  You can do it!

Coveting: Family time.  Mike is off this weekend (WAHOOOOO!) and I shockingly have ZERO photoshoots planned, so we are going to hopefully spend a lot of family time together since dad's home AND not sleeping during the day!  I cannot wait.

Wishing: For 2017 to be just as amazingly awesome as 2016 was.  There always seem to be downer parts of every year, and I'm trying not to focus on those and just the good.  2016 was fantastic and I know 2017 will be even better!  I cannot wait.  And I hope 2017 is amazing and awesome for everyone else too!

Hearing: The children starting to stir.  I'm ignoring them for 5 more minutes so I can sneak in a quick shower before getting the wild beasts up.  If you've made it this far through my taking stock post, go you!  I'm sure most clicked out of this long ago because #boringggg and my life cannot possibly be that interesting to anyone but myself.  Haha.

So that's a wrap!  I'm off to shower and get the kids up...have a good one friends!

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