10 Weeks Ago...

Wayyyyy back to forever ago, or 10 weeks, I took Annie's newborn pictures.  Well, yesterday I was feeling nostalgic and decided to snap some 10 week old pics of Annie similar to her newborn pictures.

Well, besides completely being OMGed by how big she is and how much she’s grown in 10 weeks, I loooooove how these pictures turned out.

I had to do a comparison snap of similar poses (duh!) from 10 weeks ago...and even though she’s in mint now instead of a pink wrap, she’s still got that sweet little smirk and dimply grin going on that just makes my heart smile and love her even more!

Anywho, I cannot believe 10 weeks have gone by in what seems like an instant...Annie is already 2.5 months old (WHATTT??!!) and I will be going back to work in a few short weeks.  This maternity leave and early part of Annie’s life has absolutely FLOWN by.  I thought my pregnancy went fast (and it did!) but this has absolutely sailed by.  I love seeing my kids grow up, but also am trying so hard to savor each and every itty bitty second with them because it truly does go by in an instant.

I have a weekend full of photoshoots before the Easter festivities set in on Sunday!  I’m sure it’s going to be a jam-packed weekend and I hope everyone is hap-hap-happy cause poor Mike has to work the whole time! EEKKKK!  Anyways, happy Friday friends and have a good one!

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