Easter 2017

Ahhhhh, Easter time!  What a day we had!  Last year's Easter was oodles of fun with Patrick and Rosie (being almost one and almost three) and this year was even funner! (I know that's not a word but whatevs. I'm using it.)  We had THREE kiddos who got to celebrate!

Poor Mike got off work at 7am so he immediately went to bed so he could get a few hours of ZZZs before we had to go to big family events...so the big kids and I got to celebrate in the morning while he slept.  And Annie went to bed at 8:30pm and slept till 6:30am (!!!!) and then went back to sleep until 10am so it was just me and the big kiddos and Scoots!

I found these bunny ears and duh, made the kids put them on for the morning activities.  We bypassed an egg hunt like we usually do because Mike was sleeping and I didn't want them to do it without him, so the Easter Bunny may come back during nap time so we can do an egg hunt after siestas.

Anyways, the kids were up at the butt crack of dawn (like before 7am! WHATTTT.) because they were so excited but we made them stay in their room till 8ish so I could shower and pump and all that good stuff.  Once they were able to come out they had a blast finding their baskets!

They got some great stuff in their baskets -- my favorite being the custom Jellycat bunnies from Sweet Be's, our favorite store!  The big kids each got the same stuff but for them (I learned that from my mom -- make sure it's the same! lessens the fighting!) -- they each got a Mickey shirt, bath bombs, Pez, book, little toy (Transformer for Patrick and Moana for Rosie), movie, gummy bears, water bottle, a drawing tablet, and a few other random things.  They were in heaven!

They even kept the bunny ears on when they ate breakfast too which I thought was freaking hilarious.

Scooter got in on the bunny ears action too.  He was clearly thrilled, as always.  Haha!

Anyways, after the sugar high settled down we turned on Moana to watch until we needed to get Easter outfits on and head to my aunt's house for Easter brunch.

I got this outfit for Annie and even though it wasn't her matching Easter dress with Rosie's, I had to put her in it cause it was just freaking adorable and she couldn't NOT wear it today, amiright?!

Patrick then asked for my camera and I flipped it to auto and let him snap away!  He got some cute shots of me and the girls I think :)

How cute are their Easter outfits?!  Brought to you by June & January, naturally.  I am so obsessed with their clothes!  Our neighbor just has the most gorgeous bush (that is seriously this colorful for like a week and then it's gone!) so I had to take advantage of it for some snaps!

Speaking of cute outfits, these snaps with my parents were from yesterday and I'm tossing them in this Easter post because they are my new favorite snaps of my parents with the burritos.  Their outfits were on point (again, thanks J&J!!) and Patrick's pose in the last one is KILLING ME!  Gah!  I love them!

Okay!  Anyways, after some outfit pics we woke Mike up and then loaded up the van to head to my aunt's house.

Rosie, in her typical fashion, was anti-everyone once we got there so she was all about the snuggles and not wanting to play with anyone.  This is usually her stranger-danger jam lately but after a good 30-60 minutes she warms up and is good to go, thankfully.

We attempted a family snap, and, as usual, that went about as well as it usually does with 3 kids: fake smiles, someone’s crying, and someone else is over it.  BUT!  I love it and I’ll add it to my family pic archives.

Once Rosie warmed up she was all about playing, which was good so that we didn’t have to carry her around (she’s as dense as a sack of potatoes, no joke.) and then Annie was passed around to any and everyone so Mike and I actually got a chance to eat AND talk!  'Twas amazing!

After brunch it was time for the egg hunt, which was really just these three -- Patrick, cousin Cole, and Rosie!  There was an adult "egg" hunt too (eggs = beer) so that's why there's booze all over the yard as well.  All 3 of them were so excited for the egg hunt we were lucky they sat still long enough to get those ^^^ snaps!

The kids went crazy looking for eggs!  Annie got some lovin' from my mom and dad and Rosie was quickly distracted with chalk and a ring pop.  Ha!  She's most definitely a 2 year old. 

We got a quick cousin snap for everyone who was in attendance (which I don't think is even half of the Van Camp cousins!) and then the kids wanted to continue running around the yard and playing with the bubble machines Uncle Jimmy brought.

Annie was literally impossible to keep awake and it was almost 2pm so we decided to wave our white flags and head home for naps allllll around for everyone (especially Mike who slept maybe 3 hours this morning!).  Everyone fell asleep almost instantly, including Patrick on the couch!
I didn't, shocker -- instead I got everything put away from this morning, got some summer clothes brought up for Annie and washed (although she's a petite little thing still in 3-6 and 6 month clothes, but I wanted to go ahead and get them up and washed anyways!), the basement cleaned up for our playdate tomorrow morning, dishes done, and this blog post started!  Haha!

About 4:45pm I decided to wake everyone up so we could head over to the Mooneys for Easter round 2 with Mike's family!

I did snap a few pics of Rosie before we left in her new J&J varsity shorts that just came in yesterday...they are just the cutest on her chubby little legs!

Oh boy what fun we had over there -- fortunately the rain held off and it was gorgeous out and the kids had an absolute BLAST running around the yard with their aunts and uncles and cousin Lizzy!  They even got to have another Easter Egg hunt!  Rosie was way more interested in eating whatever was in the eggs (jelly beans!) than finding the eggs quickly and eating later!  Haha!  She is such a riot.

We did have a quick dinner and dessert and then we were back outside for more playing!

We managed to snap a few cousin pics -- and Lizzy wanted to hold Annie -- before the kids ran away and were playing hide and seek with their uncles.

Aunt Erin and Uncle Curtis brought bubble wands and those were a huge hit -- so many bubbles all night!

It was such a nice night to sit out and watch the kids play -- I sat on the swing with Annie and Katie and we just got to chit chat -- it was so nice and relaxing and we could just watch the kids play and have a blast.  The twins are due to arrive any day, so pretty soon there'll be 6 Mooney cousins all under 4 years old!  Gosh what fun that's going to be!

About 8pm we decided it was time to call it a day so we headed home for quick baths and bed.  Annie passed out about 5 seconds after she finished eating, and the big kids did the same after a quick bath and episode of Mickey and the Roadster Racers.

It was an absolutely jam-packed yet wonderful Easter!  We had a blast and cannot wait to see what Easter 2018 has in store for this Mooney flock!  I hope you all had a wonderful day as well...Happy Easter!  Oh, and here's my Instagram Story from today...Easter 2017 edition!  Enjoy!

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