Rosie's 2nd Birthday Shenanigans

Last year I documented Rosie's 1st birthday and I figured I'd go ahead and document her second birthday for ya as well!  If you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen a lot of these pics and stories already since I documented her day with #rosakathleenturns2.

Anyways, Rosie got woken up bright and early on her birthday because she came with me to drop Patrick off at school before we headed off to her 2 year checkup!

Rosie is officially forward-facing now...her giant size caused us to bump her up into a new seat right when she turned 2 and I think she is clearly happy about it.

I wrote about her checkup in her 2 year post but the cliffsnotes version: she's a happy, healthy, BIG two year old!  Haha!  She was pretty good for her checkup (as any 2 year old would be!) so it was a successful visit all around!

After her checkup we went to our favorite bakery to get birthday donuts (a tradition!) and birthday cookies (for her pizza party at dinner later).  She got to pick out a "princess donut" (sprinkles! duh!) and then got to pick out the cookies she wanted for her party.  The nice lady at the bakery also gave her a sugar cookie for the road too because it was her birthday!

Once we got home we had breakfast with daddy -- donuts of course!  It was weird that Annie was sleeping and Patrick was at school so we'll have to do a birthday breakfast repeat soon when everyone is home and awake!

Ro LOVES her donuts, as she has shown us for the past year+!  Girlfriend doesn't miss a chance at indulging in some sugar I'll tell you that (as was demonstrated by her weight at her appointment).  Mike then said goodnight and he was off to siestaland so Rosie and I got to hang out for a bit before Annie woke up.

And when Annie woke up Rosie got some lovin' on her and I'm not sure if Annie reciprocated the feeling... ;-)

We then headed to Jason's Deli (with the TinySuperheroes crew) for lunch and Rosie LOOOOOVED her mac and cheese AND ice cream she got for dessert!  Of course Annie and her boyfriend Sheldon got some lovin' as well -- is it too soon to arrange their marriage?!

Once we got back from lunch I snapped a few pics of Rosie in her cute birthday shirt and then the girls went down for afternoon naps and I got a few things done before getting Patrick from school.

When I picked him up he showed me he made Rosie a card at school for her birthday and I about wanted to cry -- it was so darn cute!!!  He couldn’t wait to get home to see Rosie!

Once Rosie got up from her nap she got to open presents (with Patrick’s assistance, of course!) and she got some great things!  A Moana doll, Moana on DVD, a Minnie Happy Helpers minivan, water beads, new hair clips, princess and Minnie undies (in case she keeps going with her wanting to potty), a new book, and a couple new shirts!  She seemed super excited about all of her gifts!

However, she didn’t have any time to play with them because we had to meet both sets of grandparents at Rosie’s (read: Patrick’s) favorite restaurant for dinner, Happy Joe’s!  Not before a cute little pic of the 2 oldest in the driveway, which I would have liked a lot better if she didn't have that damn snake in the pic.  I HATE snakes.

The kids had a BLAST playing games with Mike at Happy Joe’s -- and Mike gets a special shoutout for dealing with them and their craziness which comes with games + sugar + pizza.  Haha!

I brought cookies for Rosie’s birthday but the lovely staff at Happy Joe’s came over and brought Rosie ice cream and sang to her as well!  She was not a fan of the cowbell, but warmed up once everyone started singing to her and she loved blowing out (or trying to :) her candle!

We took advantage of having everyone together and got some family snaps and OMG.  The one of the 5 of us is SPOT ON.  I don’t know if we’ll ever get a pic of all of us smiling (or heck, even looking!) anytime soon...but I’m loving these ones that are just perfect real like representations!  I also like that we got some grandparent snaps as well!  What a great night!

When we got home the kiddos all took baths and hit the hay -- they fell asleep almost instantaneously...I think they were all worn out from the day’s festivities, especially Rosie!  Mike and I unboxed her presents so she’ll be ready to play with Minnie and Moana first thing in the morning.

I think it’s safe to say Rosie had a wonderful birthday and was spoiled by so much love from  everyone!  I know she’ll have a blast too on Saturday morning at her party...stay tuned for details on that in a later post.

Ahhhh, what a day!  Another year has gone by and we are so happy our Rosie is part of our family!  She is our smart, sassy, independent, happy biggest little lady who we love oh-so-much!

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