Blue Family

It's no secret 'round these parts that we are a blue family -- we are so proud of Mike for all of his hard work and dedication as a police officer in STL!  We are proud each and every day to be a law enforcement family.

I told Mike there are 2 things I want for Mother's Day: a new camera bag and a LEO daddy photo shoot with the kids.  I wanted him to bring his uniform and gun belt home and let me take some pics of him in his uniform with the kids in their thin blue line shirts.

Welp, he just so happened to bring his belt home because he has firearms training this week and the weather looked gorgeous today (but not so much the rest of the week) AND the kids' tshirts were clean, so BOOM!  Photo shoot time on Tuesday afternoon!

I'm biased, but I absolutely LOVE the way these snaps turned out.  I will cherish these pictures forever -- the way the kids are smitten with their daddy and the way he's looking at each of them melts my heart!  We even got a smile out of Annie!

These are just a few of my favorite snaps from our quick little backyard can view all of them here if you'd like.

We are just so proud of our blue daddy and cannot shout that enough to anyone who will listen!  We love you so much Mikey!

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