Taking Stock

I realized I haven't done a Taking Stock post in almost 3 months (!!!) and since Annie was born, so I decided on this rainy Wednesday nap time I'd go ahead and do one.  I actually am currently battling my like 6th tummy bug since having Annie (I think something has changed drastically with my insides since she's been born) and I tried laying down but my phone kept pinging with student emails so I figured I'd answer them...then started to feel a bit better and thought I'd take my mind off my tummy ailments and whip up this lovely Taking Stock post just for you.  You're welcome.

Making: A list of all of the stuff we need at Target.  Shockingly it's been over a week since I was last there and there's some household things that we need to restock (i.e. paper towels and princess bandaids).

Cooking: Oh gosh nothing.  Nothing sounds good so I will not be cooking anything tonight for dinner -- unless it's a frozen pizza.

Drinking: Ice cold water.  It seems to be helping my upset tummy a bit (and then making me have to pee a TON) and I'm hoping I can just flush out this icky bug.

Reading: Another fantastic recommendation from my buddy Lauren and I'm having a hard time putting it down: The Good Girl by Mary Kubica.  It is SO GOOD.  Seriously.  Lauren has the best book recommendations!

Wanting: This new free to grow Tula which fits babies from birth to 45lbs without an insert!  Pretty cool, huh?!  I am not going to get it for myself (cause Annie is just a few pounds away from not needing the insert anyways) but I am totally getting it for future baby shower gifts for any preggo friends!

Looking: At ^^^ these quick moody snaps I took of Patrick in our backyard yesterday.  I've really been playing with my editing style lately and I love the dreary look to these, especially since it's been rainy and dreary here the past couple days.

Playing: I have the damn Moana soundtrack stuck in my head and it has been playing over and over nonstop in my noggin'!  Rosie is OBSESSED with it and asks for it every time we get in the car, so needless to say the songs are catchy and they stick. Ha.

Wishing: My maternity leave would SLOW DOWN. I miss my job and work buddies and students, but I am loving spending the days with my babies!  I have less than 5 weeks left which I'm trying to savor each and every second.

Enjoying: The fact that my buddy Jess and her kiddos were in town last weekend and we got to catch up and play with them before they left to head back to Mississippi!  Patrick can't stop talking about his new friend Wyatt and I just loved being able to catch up with my friend!  Gosh I wish they lived closer!

Loving: That Cardinals baseball is BACK and that my kiddos are super excited about it (well, at least that's what I'm telling myself...I don't know if they really know what's going on) and that they posed and smiled so nicely for a Cardinals family snap before the home opener last weekend.

Pondering: What the final product of this casting call the kiddos went to earlier this week is going to look like.  They had to eat a lemon and ice cream on camera and their reactions were recorded.  I cannot wait to see the finished product! 

Considering: The fact that my gut seems to really have changed after having Annie...and it sucks.  Being tummy sick is like the worst thing EVER and I hate how icky I feel and I totally think things got changed after having her.  Ugh.

Watching: HGTV's new show Home Town -- it is so cute and I am obsessed with HGTV but especially this cute show set in a small town in Mississippi.  I hope it stays on air!

Needing: To finalize my purchase list for June & January's big summer release this Friday.  Trying to be good and keep it under $200 to get the kiddos outfitted for the summer (and that's with cashing in my 25% off coupon too!)

Wearing: What I always have on lately: sweat pants and a nursing tank.  It's what I live in.  And it's gonna be realllllllly hard to go back to work and actually have to put on real {nice} clothes.  Ugh.

Following: This thread in one of my FB groups about this mom's house who she thinks is home to a demon. I.just.can't. NOPE.  I can't stop reading it yet I'm freaking myself out in doing so.

Noticing: How awesome my kiddos are (biased, I know!) and what a great relationship Rosie and Patrick have.  They love each other so much (and sometimes show it by the crazy fights and squabbles they have!) but it's just so cute to see them both light up when the other one comes in the room.

Feeling: All the feels lately realizing that I have THREE kiddos.  I mean, it's been over 9 weeks since Annie was born but it's really hitting me lately how crazy it is that we have three kids (and 2 girls! Never would I ever have thought!).  I love our crazy chaos filled life!

Admiring: How amazing my friend Robyn and her TinySuperheroes squad is.  We dined out on Monday at one of our favorite pizza spots to support TinySuperheroes and she just penned this amazing blog post about her son Sheldon's vertical talus.  She is incredible and I admire her so much and love doing all that we can to support this amazing company! 

Sorting: (Well, getting ready to) laundry.  I swear we do 2-4 loads of laundry A DAY!  I don't know how we'd keep a float if we didn't do that many loads of laundry a day!  EEKKKK!

Buying: Shockingly NOTHING!  Haha!  Minus making my list for J&J's drop on Friday, that's all that's on the docket to be purchased anytime soon.  (Patting myself on the back as I type this :)  

Getting: The finishing touches put on Rosie's 2 year book (OMG she'll be 2 tomorrow!!) so I can get it ordered after her party this weekend.  It is always a HUGE time consuming task to do, but I'm so glad after I do it that I have that cool keepsake of memories to look back on.

Bookmarking: (More like screenshotting!) a list of "to read" recommendations from my friend Lauren.  She sent 3 more over yesterday and she always has the best recs so I want to make sure I take note of the books she's said to read so I have something to dive into once I finish The Good Girl.

Disliking: This finicky weather here in STL.  Seriously.  It's warm and sunny and gorgeous then strong storms and hail and the freezing!  GAHHHH! I know spring comes with storms but it's so irritating how hot-cold the weather has been.  I've flipped the AC on and then the next day needed the heat again!

Feeling: Like my stomach is ON FIRE.  Seriously.  These tummy troubles are for the birds.  I need to wrap this post up so I can try and lay down for a bit before the girls wake up and Patrick gets home.

Snacking: Does water count?!  Cause that's what I'm currently snacking on.  I'll be oh-so-happy when ^^^ those sound delicious to me once again.

Coveting: Family time.  Mike has been working a lot lately (and in turn sleeping a lot during the day) and in the evening chaos I feel like I haven't got to sit and actually talk with him in days!  So looking forward to him being off this weekend.

Wishing: Time would slow down a bit.  I feel like I blinked and Annie is over 2 months old, Rosie is getting ready to turn 2, and Patrick 4!  I cannot believe it.  Time really is completely FLYING BY and I don't know if I'm okay with that.

Helping: One of my students figure out their theme for their timeline project.  I love being able to still teach my classes even when I'm not at school, and so thankful for technology that allows me to do so.

Hearing: The dryer click off so that's my cue to go fold laundry before squeezing in a short nap before the evening chaos ensues.  I'm hoping and praying my tummy feels better after a little nap. Oh please oh please!

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