Rosie's 2nd Birthday Party

Whew!  What a day!  Today we spent celebrating Rosie's 2nd birthday with friends and family.  Last year her 1st birthday party was donut themed and this year I guess I was being lazy or dropped the ball but there wasn't a theme...I actually even reused some of her donut plates and such from last year.  Woops.

But!  Regardless of no theme for her birthday, she still had an absolute blast.

First off, I have to show this pic -- probably one of my most favorite pics EVER!  Rosie and her 4 namesakes: Grandma Kathleen, Great-Grandma Eva Kathleen, Great Aunt Kathleen, and Great Aunt (in picture) Bonzel Rosa!  How neat is that?!  I love love LOVE this picture so much.

We just had our family and our buddies the Moffats and Polans over (and Rosie’s godmother Lauren!) for her party and it was just perfect.  Rosie wanted pizza, so we ordered several from Dominos, I made cupcakes with 2s (or are they Zs?!!) on them as well as a sprinkle cake!  My mom brought a salad and Kathy brought a veggie tray. Nice and simple.

The kids had a BLAST in the basement.  They were running around like crazy and just having a ball playing with each other.  It was absolutely gorgeous out and I so regret not having it outside...but, had I planned on that it’d have been 40 and raining.  But I told Mike for Patrick’s party in a month we are going to play on having it outside and hope it’s so nice.

After some playtime we had pizza and then decided to do cake and presents.  Unlike last year, sister bear LOVED being the center of attention and loved having everyone sing to her!

See?!!  I think she’s grown out of her shyness...well, mostly :) She still can be super duper clingy!  Haha!

Rosie got to go visit with Goose for a bit and open prezzies from her and Kate upstairs and then get some traditional snaps with the grandmas before it was getting time to bid everyone farewell and head down for a siesta.

Rosie got a TON of great presents --a new scooter (from us that we totally forgot to give her on her actual birthday! oops!), a helmet, a TON of Minnie Mouse stuff, a bubble maker, new shadow books, art supplies, and much more!  She really had a wonderful birthday and I think was too excited to sleep for her nap (despite totally being tired!) because I’m wrapping up this post a little before 3 and she’s still singing in her room and wideee awake :)

Anyways, what a wonderful birthday she had and we are so happy our biggest little lady is TWO!  She is such a sassy and spunky little gal and we love having her as a part of our family!  We love you so much Rosie girl!

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