Annie at 3 Months

Holy cats.  It's happened -- Annie Banannie is 12 weeks old (13 on Tuesday!) and 3 months today!  I cannot believe it, and I know I sound like a broken record and say this every month but it truly has FLOWN by.  I need to stop blinking.

And 12 weeks in I'm doing pretty freaking amazing keeping up with my weekly pics (and new June & January outfit for each week too) so that's been nice.  I am going to have to start getting creative with my outfits cause I'm determined not to repeat myself!

We don't go back to the doc until 4 months so, lucky you, you just got a bunch of mom stats this month!
  • Annie is our peanut child (which to some she's probably still a giant but compared to her siblings at 3 months she is a petite tiny little thing).
  • Annie weighs 14 pounds and 6 ounces -- TWO WHOLE POUNDS less than Rosie weighed at 3 months old!  She is definitely our teeny little child. 
  • She wears some 0-6 month (June & January!) 3-6 month and 6 month clothes...although the regular 6 month clothes fit the best, the others are getting a bit tight.  We are getting a LOT of wear out of these clothes that Rosie seemed to blaze through and not wear very long. 
  • Girlfriend started sleeping AMAZINGLY AWESOME shortly after she turned 2 months old -- she was consistently sleeping 8-10 hours a night for a couple weeks...she was going down at 8:30pm and usually sleeps till 4:30 - 6:30am, eats for 10 minutes, and then back to sleep till 9:30am!  Then, this past week she's dropped her 4:30-6:30am feeding and has been sleeping like 8:30pm - 8:30/9:30am.  I hope it keeps up!  She's given us 13+ hours of night sleep the past like 10 days.  WONDERFUL doesn't even describe it.  Andddddd this is what suckers us into more kids, when they sleep I'm like I CAN HANDLE EVERYTHING GIVE ME ALL THE BABIES!!
  • She takes one 'formal' nap a day from 1pm - 4pm in her crib.  She does doze off in the mornings and evenings, but I never put her in her crib for that -- she can doze wherever she is but lay her down in her crib cause I want to keep her on the one nap a day schedule that both of the older kids have been on...and thus far this is going really well!  Most days it's a solid 3 hour nap...sometimes 4!  Girlfriend loves her sleep!
  • Annie has really started to smile and show her personality this month!  She's doing a lot more intentional smiles (which is awesome!) and they just melt your heart!
  • She holds her head up super well and is really moving her arms and legs around like crazy!  I said this same thing at 3 months with Rosie so I'm hoping I'm not eating my words but I bet she'll be rolling over sooner than later...she seems like she's kinda close to be doing it!
  • FOUND HER THUMB!  I think this is a month earlier than Rosie did, but this has been a game changer and I think one of the reasons why she's been sleeping so much longer -- she can self-soothe!  She seems to only suck her thumb when she's tired and laying down, but I'm just so happy she found it and can put herself to sleep without any issues.
  • Doesn't really fuss or cry too much (especially when going down for bed/naps, cause we do put her down wide awake) but LOVES (and prefers!) to be held at all times!  She is most definitely a cuddly little thing!
  • Loves to be worn in the Tula/ring sling and seems to conch out immediately after being put in there.  That usually is an instant soother for her.
  • Bottles are still a struggle.  She seems to take them better when I am no where around and not home (or she's out and not at our home) but still most definitely prefers the boob.  She very much loves her mama's milk straight from the source and me going back to work in a week is going to be very interesting in how the bottle game goes :) As of late she seems to protest the bottle at first then just gives in, so hopefully she'll just accept the bottle sooner than later and be good to go with it when I'm not around and someone else is wanting to feed her. Prayers that it'll be fine!
  • Is an all-around happy and healthy little lady!  She is just the cutest and so chill and totally a third baby...she's happy and content most of the time; however, doesn't like to let me out of her sight too long or then she loses it.  She likes to keep her food source close.
And now, your favorite part, the comparison snaps! 

And my personal favorite, all 3 burritos at 3 months old!

So that's all I've got for Annie's 3 month post!  1/4th of a year down...I cannot believe it.  Lightning fast it's going!  We love our little gal so so so much and cannot imagine life without her!  We love you Annie girl and are loving watching you grow up!

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