Sunday Funday

Okay, this weather the past couple days has been AHHHHMAZING.  Like 65-75 degrees and ZERO humidity.  I would totally take about 365 of these days because they are just the best and they put me in such a good mood.

Needless to say we’ve spent a lot of time outside the past couple days!  Mike has been off and that’s been awesome to have him home and awake with us during the day and at we’ve been trying to take advantage of it with lots and lots of outside time.

Friday the kids and I hit up Tarjay and Patrick snapped this lovely pic of me wearing the girls from his spot in the shopping cart.  We then ran into our friends the Pautlers and decided to hit up Pioneer Park with them before calling it a morning and going home for lunch and and naps.  I shockingly didn’t take any pics at the park (WHATTT?!!) cause I was too busy chasing the kids around and making sure the stroller was moving so hangry Annie was not screaming.  Haha.

We went to my mom and dad’s for dinner Friday night and Goose and Kate were there so Annie got some quality time talking to her favorite bird -- I’m trying to record more of these “Convos with the Goose” because they are hilarious and I love watching them over and over again!  Goose is just the best and my kiddos are so lucky they get to grow up with their great-grandma in their life!

Saturday we had Rosie’s birthday party (where she was overloaded with lots and lots of Minnie Mouse toys!) and then after naps we decided to do a family walk to the park and oh boy, that was fun!  I couldn’t tell you the last time we did this and it was so wonderful.  The kids had a blast playing on the playground and Mike and I actually got to chat and catch up!

We let the girls ride in the double jogging stroller to the park and Patrick rode his “motorcycle” (what he calls his Power Wheels 4-wheeler) and no one screamed or cried about having to ride/walk/be pushed so it was just a wonderful trip to the park!  I hope we have lots and lots more of these in our future with hopefully this wonderful spring weather that HOPEFULLY will stick around.

We then went to MOD pizza (again! I know!) with my parents for dinner and then played back at their house for a bit before calling it a night -- Patrick and Rosie passed out almost instantly when they got in their beds and Mike and I followed suit closely afterwards -- lots of fresh air made for an exhausting day.

As we were driving to dinner Saturday night Mike took this video of the kids in the backseat and OMG it is my new favorite! I love it so much -- I want to live life like they do with the windows down and their song on!

Sunday we got up and Mike wanted to get some yard work done, so I took the kiddos outside (Patrick “helped” him, of course!) and we enjoyed some playtime in the driveway and yard for like TWO HOURS!

It was around 11am and that is the WORSE TIME EVER for pictures because high sun + bright = so many shadows!  UGH!  Anyways I got my camera out and snapped some pics of Rosie in her cute little Rags to Raches romper she got for her birthday and despite the harsh shadows and light, I absolutely love the way these turned out, especially the bubble pictures!  I have a photoshoot later this afternoon so I’m glad I won’t have this intense sun to battle.  PS - anyone reading this who I do pictures for, try and not schedule photos at noon time!  The lighting is AWFUL!  Early in the morning or late afternoon/evening, mmmmkay?!

My new favorite thing is Instagram’s “stories” -- kinda like Snapchat’s story but since I don’t really use Snapchat and do use Instagram A LOT I’ve been using the stories like crazy!  It’s just a pic/video visable for only 24 hours that you can add to your profile. Anyways, here’s a sample of what one looks like from Friday…

I love it cause although I don’t necessarily want all of these pictures/videos saved on my instagram feed it’s a fun little “quick glimpse into my life” feature that is there and then goes away after a day!

Oh and I posted last week about the big kids doing a lemon tasting for a commercial … well, here’s what it was for!  Clementine’s Creamery in STL!  Isn’t that cool?!  Now I think we need to go visit them for some ice cream since the kids helped promote it, right?!

Also, as I'm writing this I give you FIVE exhibits of what everyone is doing RIGHT NOW. Haha!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this adorable pre-bath Annie butt (why are baby butts so cute?!!) and a little pre-bedtime smilin’ with my littlest lady.  Have a great rest of your Sunday and work week friends!

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