Just a Couple Weeks Left...

I'm semi-depressed thinking about the fact that I only have a couple weeks left of my maternity leave.  I go back to work on May 8th (2 weeks from Monday. WAHHHHH!!!!) and I'm not thrilled about it.  I mean, I feel SO FORTUNATE to have had 14 weeks off, but gosh I'm going to miss hanging with my bambinos all day everyday.  I think with Annie's current bottle-hatin' life she's livin' makes it a bit harder cause that gives me some anxiety about if she'll take one when I'm back to work...but hopefully she'll be fine and will have no problem chowing (drinking) it down.

I'm still completely oogling over these blue family snaps we took earlier this week, and cannot thank Mike enough for agreeing to do them for us!  I know some law enforcement don't like pictures of themselves in their uniform, which I respect, but I am sooooo happy Mike was completely okay with it and let me not only take them but share them too!  I love him so.

So my cousin Abby text me how much she loves Rosie videos and how sassy Ro is in them.  So I’ve been trying to take more videos that showcase as much of that divaness and sass as possible.

Here ^^ are a couple videos from recently that show alllll sides of Rosie.  The bubble video I kept waiting for her to launch her bubbles across the driveway (hellllloooo temper!) but she didn’t -- she did keep throwing her bubble wand though which was almost as good.  The second video is her telling Mike to wake up one morning and the realizing “Daddy sleeping” which is why he wasn’t getting up.  So cute.

These videos crack me up as well -- we hit up the park with Lizzy on Thursday and Rosie was allllll about making sure Lamby, her PEZ dispenser, was included with sliding and swinging as well.  So darn cute I could just melt.

So the weather this week has been GORGEOUSSSSSS and we have spent a lot of it outside and at the park!  Thursday Rosie had a blast with Lizzy at the park (Annie just watched from the stroller...kind of...more like slept!) and ran around like crazy, always making sure to include Lamby in their fun.  Haha.

We took a family walk the other night and I grabbed my big camera and I’m soooo glad I did because I LOVE the snaps I was able to get!  That golden hour light was in full force and I just loved it so much.  The fence pics with Patrick are in our neighbor’s side yard and I may need to offer that location to photoshoot clients because it is just perfect this time of night!  I LOVE IT SO!

I also have been back snappin’ like crazy again!  I had a fresh 48 and maternity session on Thursday, Saturday I have an Easter Egg Hunt with the Little Gym in Fenton, Sunday a senior session, and then next week 2 newborn sessions among some others that I can’t remember off of the top of my head when they are scheduled!  CRAZY BUSY!  But I love it so and I really feel like I’m getting better and better with my snappin’, editing, posing, and location scouting.  It’s gonna be a busy spring but I love it and can’t wait!

Absolutely no point to these pictures other than Annie looking adorable and smiley and so happy.  She is just such a happy little lady and I cannot believe 11 weeks have passed with her -- it has flown by but also felt like she's been part of our family for a lifetime too!

We have really spent SO MUCH TIME outside the past couple days because it's been SO gorgeous!  Rosie is obsessed with her new Hooray Everyday woolie ball necklace and wants to wear it every single day.  It looks so cute on her so why not, right?!

I threw a bathtub pic in there because it's important that we are bathing our children A LOT because of all of outdoor time and HOLY POLLEN EVERYWHERE ON EVERYTHING.  My allergies are not happy but having some much needed fresh air is worth it.

However, this morning we woke up to rain and 50 degrees (ughh) and our Zoo trip with our buddies the Horns got cancelled so we played at their house instead which was oodles of fun and the big kids had a blast with their buddies!  Mama here and her buddy Regan got some much needed catchup time which was awesome too.  I'm bummed about these days coming to an end soon but excited for summer which will be coming SO SOON where these'll be a regular occurrence then!

I'll conclude this post with a behind the scenes video of Scooter and Annie from earlier today...and them literally shooting laser beams out of their eyes at me from dressing them up in matching June & January Grovia diapers and hair accessories.  I crack myself up sometimes.  I'm sure I'll pay one day for these...but for now I'm loving them...and Annie's rolls.  I could just eat her up.

Have a great weekend friends!!!

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