1SE: June 2018

Well hot dang.  We are (month wise!) halfway done with 2018! I.cannot.believe.it.  It has gone SOOOO FAST!

And since it's the end of the month, I owe you another One Second Everyday update for the month of June!  So, here ya go!

And since we are 6 months down, here's a bonus little video: 2018 month one through six.

Andddddd, while I have you here, here's days 1 - 181 for #mooneycandid365 too!!  Golly, what a year it's been thus far -- I cannot wait to see what the last half of 2018 has in store!

Happy Saturday friends, and happy downhill slope (soon!) of 2018!  Hope it's a great one for everyone!!!

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