Sunday Swimming

Ahhh, what a fun little Sunday we had at the pool!

We had yet to go to the outdoor pool as a big family this summer yet, and we went today and it actually was a great time!  I mean, it was SUPER nice having Rick and Kathy there to lend a hand, but Patrick is soooo self-sufficient in the water (and was such a huge help with Annie, carrying her up to the slide to go down!) and Rosie is pretty good too that it was actually a fun (and maybe a smidgen!) relaxing time!

Patrick fished my GoPro out of the swim bag, which hadn't been used in AGES it seemed like, and we decided to snap some pics of our adventures!

I took this ^^^ video earlier this week but it is EXACTLY what she looked like the entire time at the pool today!  Girlfriend LOVES to slide!  And Patrick was so good about carrying her up there and helping her go down (which was SO nice cause then I could just camp out at the bottom and wait for her to come down, then Patrick would take her back up again!).

What an amazing and awesome big brother he is!  LOVE HIM!

Ro wasn't super into pics today.  HAHA!  I did steal a couple with her though... she was just wanting to swim and jump!

Love that little unicorn lovin' gal!

This kid is such a fish! He could not get enough of the water today and loved taking pics underwater and then snapping some himself above water too!!  Most of his pics were...ummm...not his usual style (we're working on it!) but others he nailed!

Anyways, just a little photo dump of our pool adventures this morning! I hope we get to do this lots and lots this summer because it was SO MUCH FUN!  Here's a few Annie selfies (she was obsessed with holding the camera too!!) for ya too.  Have a great week friends!

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