What a weekend -- seriously.  In the past 48 hours I spent 36 of them either second shooting a wedding or driving!  SO FREAKING BUSY.  But so awesome.  And as I sit here and type this in a little over 12 hours we'll be headed to the airport to depart for Europe! EEEKKKK!  An exciting past couple of days (and future ones!) are definitely in store.

So I thought I'd do a quickie little recap of this weekend...I don't have many pictures cause, duh, driving or working, but I did manage to sneak in a few.

First off, Annie thinks she is so big now!  I swear she's going to start walking while we're on vacation.  She is SO CLOSE!  She stands and walks along things all of the time, she just needs to get the confidence and let go!! And I'm sure there'll be no stopping her once that happens.

It took me about 8 hours to get to my friend Tiff's house on Friday, so I was driving driving driving but Mike took the kiddos to St. Peterfest and they had a BLAST!  

I got some snuggles in with Tiff's new babe Lorelei and checked out her AMAZINGGGGG property where she snaps pics and then we grabbed some delish Mexican food before calling it a night.

We got up nice and early on Saturday and headed about 2 hours south to Fort Wayne, Indiana to snap the wedding!  We grabbed a quick lunch at Bread Co. (Panera) with Tiff's parents to eat and hand off Lorelei so we could go snap!
And ohhhh, boy, snap we did!

There's a few behind the scenes shots I took of Tiff workin' her magic, and then here is one of her edited sneak peeks she posted today:

I took that pic!! I looooove it -- and I love the groomsman's face behind the groom too!! Just perfect. 

Anyways, after nearly 15 hours of driving, shooting, and more driving, we made it back to Tiff's house around midnight on Saturday night.  I.was.beat.

Oh, and throw in a UTI for moi in there.  TMI?!  Sorry.  Saturday was kinda rough -- to spare you the details and a bit of burning issues, I KNEW I had a UTI so fortunately the on-call doc was able to call me in some antibiotics and Tiff's amazing parents picked them up for me and brought them to me at the wedding so I could knock that sucker out (and I think I did -- nearly 24 hours later I feel muchhhhh better).  So that was a fun little wrench thrown in the day!

BUT!  I had to get up nice and early Sunday to hit the road so I could get home and finish packing for Europe!

I left about 7am -- a quick goodbye since Patrick and I will be back in July to snap another wedding and for Patrick to hang with Huck -- and hit the road.  I was making awesome time.

I stopped in this tiny town called Markle, Indiana to get gas and pee -- cause I REALLY had to go (lots of water to flush out that UTI as well = gottttta go a lot!).

It was this little tiny gas station.  I got out, pumped gas and then ran in to use the potty, came back, and sat in my car for 5 minutes catching up on a few emails and then headed out.

Welp, about 3 hours later I stopped for lunch in Terre Haute, Indiana and went to look in the center console for my wallet: it.was.not.there. OH MY GOD NOOOOOOO.

Cue complete freak out shit fit.  Not like me but I guess my tiredness and everything just came out and I was spent and SOOOO upset. 

I literally started bawling, called Mike screaming and crying that it’s gone and I left it on the toilet paper thingy in the bathroom.  I freaked out for a good 10 minutes (like shaking, crying, telling Mike how could I be so dumb...which, side note: Mike is the best guy EVER cause he kept telling me it wasn't a big deal and we'd get it figured out and these things happen)...I figured out what the gas station was I stopped at, called them, and the gal said no one turned anything in.  I couldn’t remember what cards I put in there (to cancel -- had my little travel wallet) so I had Mike go get my big wallet at home to see.  I was literally freaking out cause WHAT ARE WE GOING TO USE IN EUROPE?!! And I just lost several hundred dollars in cash from the wedding I just made. EFFFFFFFF!!!!

So I bend down to slide the seat back to “lay down” (cause I was borderline panic attack) and OH MY GOSH there’s my wallet!!!!  I then remembered I put it under the seat instead of taking it in to the gas station potty and what I thought was my wallet was really my phone when I set it on the toilet paper thing.

It was the most stressful anxiety-ridden part of my day.  I was sick to my stomach and no longer hungry but totally relieved at the same time.  I think I thanked God five million times.  I think this was just a prime example of how tired I was! This was so not like me to do...gosh I need a vacation!

Anyways, after that mild heart attack, I finished the drive home.

Mike had a fun weekend with the kiddos -- St. Peterfest Friday night, Patrick's last t-ball game Saturday, my cousin's graduation party Saturday night, and then a trip to Sweet Be's and the park on Sunday!

Doesn't it look like they had fun?!?  Three kids solo was no biggie for Mike :) 

When I finally arrived home, I got some stuff packed while Mike and Patrick did some yard work, the girls snoozed, and then we headed over to the Mooney's for Sunday family dinner OUTSIDE!  Cause it was freaking gorgeous out!!!

Yup.  We ate outside and it was soooo awesome!
I had my big camera with me so duh, had to snappy some pics of my babies since it'll be nearly 2 weeks before I see them again!  

The weather was absolutely perfect and I just love all of the pics I got of my kiddos!! #sobiased

Isn't Annie a riot?! Girlfriend loves her sunnies! HA!

Anyways, it was such a great evening and definitely great end to a very busy weekend and START to an awesome European vacation!

I'm going to try and blog as much as I can on the trip...but it may only be a time or two and just be a giant photo dump when I get home.  HAHA!  Anyways, I cannot wait!!!! I hope you all had a great weekend and have a wonderful week ahead!!

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