What the Fluff

Have you see the #whatthefluffchallenge going around social media and the internet?!

Basically you 'disappear' behind a blanket and it confuses the heck out of your dog.  Some that I've seen are pretty freaking hilarious and some dogs legitimately are like WHERE DID MY MOM GO?!?!?! 

Anyways, Mike and I decided to try it with Scoots.

Well...ummm...I'll just let you watch...

We have the world's most disinterested dog.  Seriously.  I could not stop laughing cause he really DID NOT CARE.

But I thought wait, surely this was a fluke and he'd probably 'get it' if we tried it again...

NOPE.  He really REALLY doesn't care.

I laughed too hard at these videos (as you can clearly hear in the background) and Scooter, once again, doesn't conform to the 'dog norms' but instead lives by his own rules.

You keep doin' you Scoots, don't ever change.

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