Annie Takes Steps!

Welp, my little 16.5 month old turtle is walking...kind of.  Annie girl, as of this past week or so, will take 2 or 3 teeeeeeeny tiny little steps before latching onto something to hold on to or plopping down on the floor.

What's funny is that when Rosie was almost EXACTLY this age, 16.5 months, way back in August of 2016, I posted the exact same thing!  (Read it here)

I wrote, "I am so so so proud of her.  I really hope walking solo is in her very near future -- because she seems to have gotten it, she just needs the confidence to let go all the time and know she can do it on her own."

And I echo that exact same sentiment here almost 2 years later with Annie!  She totally CAN walk, she just needs to get that confidence that she CAN DO IT and not scared to have to hold onto something to walk about (cause she cruises along furniture and anything she can hold on to like nobody's business).

Anyways, just a short and sweet little Annie walking post for ya this morning....hopefully a full blown "Annie is Walking!" post will be in her near future here...stay tuned!!!

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