Back in the States

Holy cow.  I feel like this past week has been a complete blur since we got back from vacay!  I mean I've posted a few times, but nothing really like I usually do with family updates and happenings!

I will say, it is so nice to be home and back with my kiddos, but summer is in full-force and the busyness of it all has set in!  I've had at least one photoshoot every day since we've gotten back with one nearly every night for the foreseeable future too!  Life in the snappin' world is busy but SO GOOD friends.  Big things are happening with my photo takings and I cannot wait to share allllll about them with you oh-so-soon!

Anywhooooo, this is probably gonna be a massive photo-dumpy post cause I feel like I have a lot to catch you up on! haha!

First off, this may be one of my most favorite pictures I've ever taken of Annie.  Something about that dimply baby butt just SLAYYYYYS me!

Seriously, how freaking cute is that???!!  Oh Annie girl!  We love you so much!

Annie is also super duper obsessed with sitting on the potty.  She doesn't actually go...ever, but golly she sure likes sitting there!  Maybe we'll have an early potty trainer??!?!  Stay tuned! Haha! #notgettingmyhopesup

Wayyyyy back to last Saturday, which feels like ages ago and not merely 6 days ago, we were reunited after almost 2 weeks apart from our kiddos and OH BOY did we miss them SO MUCH! 

They loved the goodies we brought them from our trip -- especially the Irish candy our wonderful cousin Ann brought for them!  They've devoured that quicker than we thought they would. HA!

Seriously.  I don't think I can say this enough, but we sure missed these three more than words could ever express and we were so happy to be back in our loud, chaotic, wild house with our three crazy burritos!  Life sure is better with them in it :) Vacations are nice, but coming home is always the sweetest.

Sunday we had our first family dinner in what felt like months but these kiddos were SO HAPPY to get together again and get to play!  They actually ended up having a squirt gun turned hose fight and were SOOOOO soaked by the end of the night but I think it was worth it -- they had a BLAST!

And how freaking cute is little Lily?!?! Golly she is just adorable!

So Annie girl!  This chickadee got a LOT of one-on-one time with us this week cause Ro went to Trout Lodge with NeeNee and her friend Riley and Grandma Jayne, and Patrick went back to KiKi's Lake!  So Annie got a lot of solo time and I don't think she hated it.  She does love bananas :)

Her current almost 17 month obsessions are putting on her shoes, taking them off, riding in shopping carts sans buckles so she could clip and unclip then, crawling everywhere and skinning up her knees, and going down lots and lots of slides.  Gosh she's got a great life.

OH!  And Annie is officially attached to purple bunny.  She snuggles that bunny whenever she is going down for a nap or bed and it is the cutest thing ever.

Scoots had his yearly checkup at the vet and he's still kickin' it!  Poor old man and his diabetes and what not, but at 13+ years old he's going strong and we are so happy to have him with every day we get him!

So this is funny -- Mike worked some overtime one morning this week and ran into Drew on a scene!  The Marshals were after someone and he ended up killing himself so the crime lab (cue: Mike) came to process and they took a selfie together and sent it to Ann and I!  They said it was take your friend to work day. HAHA!!

Literally a hodge podge of pics and videos from this week that don't need any descriptions.  HA!  We did a whole lotta nothing and everything this week, including some intense playtime at the park today since it was too cold (WHAT?!??!?!) to go to the pool

Okay phew! Are you all caught up on these Mooney happenings from this week?!  I feel like we were so busy and so not all at the same time!  And maybe it's just cause I haven't really blogged about what we've been up to for, well, what seems like WEEKS! -- that I'm just having trouble getting back into the swing of things.

BUT!  Fear not!  I'm back and back to bloggin' and you'll be flooded with all of the riveting nonsense we've been up to from here on out.  Get excited, we've got a little less than 2 months left of summer to soiree you with! HA!  Have a great weekend friends!!

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