1SE: May 2019

Holy cats.  May officially FLEW by.  I cannot believe it's over and tomorrow starts JUNE!  Insaneeeeeeeee.  Cannot believe that I'll be 15 weeks along on Monday too...never have been 'this' pregnant in the summer either so it should be super fun being giant and hot smack dab in the middle of the summer.  Someone yesterday told me they COULD NOT believe I wasn't due in June.  Well, thanks...but nope, FIVE FREAKING MONTHS after that.


Okay!  So May was a good one...lots and lots of fun one second clips from this month and it may be my most favorite month of videos yet.  Lots of love in these clips and some sadness too (miss you so much Clark man), but still looking forward to the good that the last 7 months of 2019 is going to hold!

Andddddd, while I've got you here, here's 365 collage thus far...all 151 days of it!  You can check them all out individually here too.

That's all I've got folks!  Onto June we gooooooo!!!

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