Dancin' in the Alley

Every Wednesday Rosie has dance class...and for most of them, I take her!

I actually love Wednesdays cause I usually try not to book any shoots and just enjoy an hour with my biggest little lady before letting her pick what she wants for dinner (always Chinese!!) after her class.

Tonight we had a little photo shoot before her dance class in my most favorite alleyway in downtown Kirkwood!

Truly, I had a shoot RIGHT before dance class in this same alleyway...two of my favorite gals to snap, Ellie and Kenley (who also do dance with Rosie!), were coming for some dance pics before class so naturally I had Rosie take some pics before theirs!

I mean, Ellie and Kenley's turned out freaking ADORBS.  They are two of my most favorite gals to snap and they always are so darn cute for their pics!

But before we did theirs, I got Rosie to let me take a few of her too!

She is such a hoot.  But I think she was really loving it!

So much sass.  So much cuteness!  I cannot handle it!  I can't wait till Annie does dance...assuming she wants to.  Cause those will be some adorable pics of them together!

I do want to add this pic...

I snapped the bottom one with my iPhone, and top one with my big camera.  Now, I LOVE my iPhone for pics...but dang.  It has nothing on my big camera!  Sometimes it's worth hauling that beast out with you to take some better pics.

Okie dokie!  That's all I've got for this little Wednesday dance class update :) It's the big kids last day of school tomorrow (OMG HOW?!?!) and I cannot wait to share some of their last day of school pics with you!  Hope everyone has a good rest of their week!!!

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