Back to the Pool!

The pool is officially opennnnnnnnnn!!!! The big kids spent the weekend at the lake so they got a TON of swim time in then, but we finally got the kiddos (well, 2 of the 3 of them. haha) out to the Lodge for a pool date! 

I freaking LOVE the tot time they do in the mornings -- an hour of kids only swimming in the kid pool/splash pad before the pool opens.  It's the BEST...because it's in the morning and we can get swimming in before lunch and naps.

Now the pool was FREEZING.  I swear it was like 50 degrees in there (BRRRR) but the kiddos

Patrick snatched my GoPro and snapped some real gem of videos!  Gosh he's so darn funny!

Man this kid loves recording with the GoPro and I hope it never stops!!

So I didn't wear my suit but Mike did and I've clearly trained him well to get down and close to get the shot with the kids coming down the slides.

I swear they went down the slide about a billion times.  Annie's definite favorite.

Patrick also realllllllly enjoyed the splash pad too.  He loved having those buckets dump water on him!


Clearly we will be spending a ton of time here this summer...hopefully with Rosie there with us too :)

Happy hump day's to a great rest of your week!!!

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