Family Photos from Twig & Olive Photography

A couple weeks ago we had the amazing Twig & Olive Photography take our family pics while they were in town (they're based out of Wisconsin) and holy cats.  We got them back and I AM SO IN LOVE.

OF COURSE I just HAD TO splurge and buy the whole gallery!!!  I am so in love with of them!  And we truly had the most magical golden hour light and weather for these pics too...I feel like our Clark man had a hand in that :)

I know you've seen our announcement pic but I wanted to share with you the rest of our snaps from our family pics.  Doug, with Twig & Olive, was just AMAZING.  I may or may not have taken away some of his picture ideas for families to use at my own shoots too...

I told him besides the announcement pic, I had ZERO 'must haves' -- just get lots of candids cause those are my fave!  And boy did he deliver!

Okay these next couple they posted as a sneak a week or so ago and I didn't share it cause HOLY BABY BUMP!  Seriously, that bump is POPPIN'!

CLEAR AS DAY, HUH?!  When it's baby #5 your body just knows what to do and OUT IT GOES.

And we decided to sneak in a few bump pics...and a few pics of Mike and I as well, cause, well I feel like unless it's a selfie or the kids take it, we never have pics of just us!

I'm so so SO in love with these and cannot wait to get them printed and hung up in our house VERY SOON.  They make me happy right now, because everything I love is wrapped up in them and it just makes me smile big.  Holding on to this feeling and hoping that it continues with us until we meet #5 in November...

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