Patrick & Rosie's Last Day of School


Today was the big kids LAST day of school.  SIDE NOTE: I need to get darker expo markers cause HOLD LIGHTNESS on the writing!!!  GAH!  Oh well.  Squint hard and you can read it.

DONE with Kindergarten.  DONE with 3s preschool.  ONE year of preschool left for Rosie and she'll be in Kindergarten (WHATTT??!?!) and Patrick is basically a teenager now as he'll be in FIRST GRADE (HOW?!??!) come August.

I cannot CANNOT believe it.  I feel like I was just penning their first day of school posts (Patrick's here, Rosie's here)!  Crazy CRAZY how fast this year went for them.  And heck, for us.  It's been an insane whirlwind of a past 9 months for our family...way more than any kids their ages should have to experience or deal with, but they have...and done so with grace and taking things in their strides.  They truly are amazing kiddos and I am so proud to be their mama!

Patrick had a half day, Rosie had a full day!  And I realize I usually write separate posts for them for their 'firsts and lasts' but since they were on the same day, I am saving you two posts to read (you're welcome!) and just doing them together :)

My oh my how these kids have grown since August!  I feel like they've both matured, really developed their own little personalities even more, and just become even cooler than I thought they ever could be!

Both of them absolutely LOVED school this year (a big thanks to their teachers!!) and I think are truly sad to see the school year go.  Fortunately they'll have a lot of routine this summer with camps and such, and I'm sure before we know it 10+ weeks are gonna sail by and all of a sudden I'll be blogging about the beginning of the school year!

All in all, these two had a great year of school, wonderful last day, and are ready to greet summer (and the pool!) head on!!  I hope they never ever lose this love for learning and school...because if I could bottle up their little school-lovin' selves as they are right now to keep them forever and always, I SO WOULD.

Happy summer vacation friends!!

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