I cannot believe it.  I have a six year old!  GAHHHH! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??! I swear this was just yesterday!!

But it's true: my biggest guy is SIX today and I cannot believe it.  Gosh, what a big dude he is. SIX!  It just sounds so old!!

We have his friends and family party this Saturday (again at the park...yee haw!) so you'll get another post comin' at ya with those deets, but for now, I'm keeping with tradition and sharing a few snappies from his 6th birthday backyard shoot...

Gosh doesn't he look so old?!?  He needs two hands now to say how old he is!

And he's alllllll about pics too.  Both having me take them of him and having him take them himself!  I hope he's my little budding photog :) We don't go for his 6 year checkup at the doc until next Friday, so here are some mom stats for ya today!

  • No clue on how much he weighs...ballparking it around 55-60 pounds.  He's a TANK!  He stands about 47 inches tall or so (so close to being able to ride the 48 inch rides at Six Flags this summer) and wears size 6/7 clothes and size 13/13.5 shoes.  He's definitely our big little guy!
  • No loose teeth or lost teeth...yet...but I'm sure they're coming soon!  His permanent molars have popped through recently so yay for more teeth!
  • Still a fantastic sleeper -- literally passes out within 2 minutes of his head hitting his pillow around 8pm and sleeps usually till 7 or 7:30am the next morning.  No naps, but on a rare occasion he will fall asleep in the afternoon on the couch or in the car.  This dude loves sleep!  Sometimes he'll even say he's going to close his eyes for a minute to take a quick nap.
  • LOVES sharing a room with Rosie still...they are besties forever and for always!  They fight much less than in the past and truly love each other and spending time with each other as much as they can.  They are fiercely protective of each other and their little sister Annie too.
  • Loves sports -- has had a blast playing baseball this spring and soccer last fall...and cannot wait to play soccer again this coming fall!  Definitely loves to run and play.
  • Can ride a bike!  Still working on starting/stopping on his own but once he's on he can go go go all on his own!
  • LOVES LOVES LOVES so much.  Gets so excited to go everyday and loves all of his friends and teachers.  He is in a special reading class for some extra reading help (and I think he gets to go to a reading camp this summer too) but he actually really loves it. And I'm all for him getting any extra help he needs, especially with reading!
  • Really enjoys building things -- especially out of Legos and blocks.  He likes to watch things on his iPad, like how to videos, and tries to do them himself!  
  • Loves to color and draw and is always drawing new things and finding tape to hang them up around our house!
  • Is very much still a little fish -- he is SO GOOD at swimming.  Can jump off the deep end and swim all of the way to the shallow.  Doesn't use (or want to!) floaties anymore and truly is a little fish in the water!  Loves taking the GoPro in with him to snap pics and videos while he's swimming!
  • Absolutely LOVES taking pictures!  Always asks to use my iPhone or big camera to snap pics...and is really pretty good at it!  I want to work with him on editing pics this next year...since the snaps he takes are so good!
  • Still a very avid thumb sucker -- but really only does it at night and when he's got his monkey pillow.  Lately when I've gone in to check on him after he's fallen asleep I haven't seen him sucking it so maybe it's on its way out?! Haha yeah right...I sucked my thumb till I was like 9. haha!  But we will see how long he keeps it up!
  • His current favorite things are Spiderman, Avengers/superheroes, anything army/army men, legos, Fortnite, iPhone/iPad games (he really loves the education ones as well as the racing and battle ones), playing outside, riding his 'motorcycle' and his bike and scooter, and playing with friends.
Welp friends, that's about all I've got for my big dude at SIX!  I cannot believe it.  Patrick: we love you so much buddy and you are the best big brother EVER.  You are so kind and caring and smart and loving and we cannot imagine life without you!  Keep doing you buddy, and you're gonna do big big things!  Love you so much big guy!!

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