Hooray! It's Friday!

I want to note that my excitement over the weekends and such is not nearly to the caliber that it use to be when I was teaching.  Actually my weekends now are my heavy work times and Mike is rarely off on them so I actually look more forward to midweek slowness and when he's off during the week! HAHA! Oh, how times have changed! 

The big kiddos wrap up school next Thursday (WHATT?!??!?! where did this year go?!??!) and they've got big plans at KiKi's Lake next weekend for Memorial Day before having a week off (can you say pool everyday?!?!? haha) before summer camp starts!  I enrolled them in camp for like 6 weeks everyday and then Patrick gets to go to a special reading camp at school a few days a week and then they have vacation bible school too...so the summer is definitely busy and activity-filled but it's GOOD FOR THEM -- keeps them busy, engaged, and gives me some free time during the day still to get pictures in!!

So this week felt like it whizzed by... I want to first note these two amazing shoots I had: Ruby June's birth story and sweet little Penny's 'baby boudoir' shoot.  Both of these literally made my week and I just LOVED sharing pics from them!  Cannot wait to get back to snap Ruby's newborn pics next week!!!  I really REALLY love my job.  It's the best EVER.

Okay!  So what have we been up to?!  Well I left you with my 12 week update on Monday and I actually got to see Dr. Jen and have another ultrasound on Thursday this week!  That was super awesome to see and this little bean (who I'm even more convinced is a girl!) was wiggling and moving up a storm on the screen!

Rosie was clearly LOVING seeing her new sissy or bro in pics too :) 

I will never ever get sick of the extra appointments and ultrasounds I get for this babe. Truly the BEST EVER. 

So a few brags on the kiddos...Rosie is quite the artist!  These drawing blow me away!  Maybe I'm biased but I think they're pretty darn good for a 4 year old, huh?!?!

She also has been looking about 12 years old lately, especially after dance class!  Which I swear Clark stopped by to say hi cause CHECK OUT THAT RAINBOW.

She's also still super dramatic.  Clearly.  haha!
So Patrick struggles a bit with reading (I think it just needs to CLICK...and it will for him!  We keep working at it a lot :) but one thing he's a whiz with is math!  He's sooooo good at it and is always asking us to ask him math problems.

Gosh he's just too cute!!  And the spots on his chest are lovely warts that come, blister, and go away.  Ick.  Hope they're on their way out soon!  Poor dude!  Rosie calls them his polka dots. HAHA!

We did a MOD date with my parents this week and got a surprise that uncle Ben showed up!  Clearly he's one of Annie's favorites...you know, after she had to supervise pizza ordering from Gramps' shoulders. HAHA

MOD is clearly a favorite around these parts.  So glad we all live close and can dart up there at the drop of a hat it seems!
Annie and I had a damaging grocery shopping trip earlier this week -- I think we stocked our fridge and pantry through the rest of the summer! HAHA!  Annie clearly was enjoying it though.

She is such a little hoot and her speech has just BOOMED.  I swear she says more and more new words and phrases every single day!  I love listening to her speak and her voice is just the cutest!  I am SO SO SO BIASED. haha

Annie got a special treat this week: date with mom and dad both (!!!) to the Zoo!  Nevermind we stayed like 56 minutes cause HOLY CROWDS (also hot) and I don't do that crowd life...but girlfriend had a great time!  She did tell us nearly every animal was 'too scary' (her new phrase it seems) but even so I think she enjoyed herself.

We then hit up the library for a minute to get new library cards for everyone! Exciting day indeed :)

I had a photoshoot one night this week and the kids came and I snapped a few pics of them afterwards...Patrick was super cooperative with pics...

The girls?! NOT SO MUCH.  Ohhhhh, sisters!

Speaking of, on Fridays they're both home with me while P is in school so we had some errands to do before going to spend the rest of the morning at the pool.

They were wonderful and lovely together at the store and so sweet and cute...hence the pics.  

Then, when we got to the pool: demon sisters came out who stole toys from each other and tried to bite and yeah.  SUPER FUN.  Needless to say we cut our pool trip short.  Cannot wait to see how this relationship continues to go as they get older.  HAHA

And that's about all I've got friends for this quickish little week recap.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!! I'll leave you with this facepainted Patrick video from his fun day at school this week :)

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