4th of July

I posted last year about my love for the Fourth of July, and I am definitely echoing that sentiment even stronger this year with two bambinos around.  I LOVE the Fourth.  Definitely a favorite holiday, because you don't have to do presents, don't have to go to every single family member's house--you just have to celebrate America...and I feel like we do that really well.

And just like last year, our friends at Beggin' reached out for a 4th of July pic from Scooter.  They really loved his from last year they wanted to see if we'd whip them up another one for this year.  Well, Scooter does not disappoint...EVER.  Behold, the world's most patient dog!

Beggin' went ahead and posted this same pic on their social media pages too, and the comments cracked me up.  Oodles and oodles about how there's no way their dog would pose like that, and how I should get Scooter an agent for being such a good model.  Ha!  I love it!  --and if there's any dog modeling agents out there, give me a shout.  Scooter would be the most perfect dog for you!  He never moves!

Scooter also posted a little treat too for his followers: a rare behind-the-scenes video of post Beggin' photo shoot.  He does get handsomely rewarded for his posing abilities people, fear not.

Anyways, so last year I boasted about how Mike was off--for the first time in forever--on the 4th.  Well, no such luck this year.  BUT!  All was not lost: he miraculously didn't have the downtown fair details (!!!) and was suppose to work days (!!!!!) and get off by 3pm, so even though he missed our morning festivities, he was able to make the BBQ and evening fireworks!  I'll take that any day!

So, in the morning the street over from us (some family friends live on it and invited us) have an annual 4th of July parade and BBQ at 10am...so, we saddled up the kiddos (sorry Scoots, you're too much for me to handle with the kiddos!) in the double stroller, handsomely decorated by my mama, and headed out.  My mom joined us too, which was oh-so-nice to have an extra pair of hands!

Of course, we couldn't leave without me taking some pics of the kiddos in their matching outfits.  I was so excited about these outfits, I even washed them during nap time so they could wear them again that night!

Okay, and this pic below...I can really see how much Rosie looks like her big brother!  Their facial expressions and {double} chins are identical!  Mama heart meltingggggg.

We walked over to the start of the parade and then I whipped out Patrick's scooter thingy for him to ride in the parade.  Dude was a CHAMP.  He rode it almost a mile all by himself (and promptly fell asleep 2 seconds after I put him in his bed for a nap.  #momwin)!  He was so cute scooting along while I pushed Rosie in the stroller.

Rosie assumed her natural position of "no look no care" and promptly fell asleep as soon as the parade started.  This is how she spent 99% of her afternoon.  Hashtag lazy.

After the parade Patrick ran around chasing all of the big kids (I think he thinks he is one!) and my mom or I chasing after him making sure he didn't wander into someone's house.  We also enjoyed some BBQ and catching up with old friends!  My buddy Robyn, who owns TinySuperheroes (which I know I've talked about before!) was there and we got a few pics snapped!  She is by far my oldest buddy and I love her so!

After the BBQ we then headed back home--I promised Patrick some playtime in the baby pool and water table, so I got that set up (my mom headed off to a lunch date) and Rosie and I camped out and took an infinite amount of selfies while big brother played.

It was absolutely gorgeous out (about 80 degrees) and I was loooooooving the weather!  My dad called and said he was out riding his bike and wanted to stop by, so he did, and ended up staying for lunch (frozen pizza--yum!).  It was nice to have an extra set of hands during lunch and nap prep time.

Anyways, so both kiddos promptly passed out after they had lunch--and I gathered all of their dirty 4th of July themed clothes and tossed them in the wash so they'd be nice and clean and ready for them to wear again in the evening!

When the kiddos got up (and Mike was home! YESSSSS) we got ready and headed over to Mike's parents for a BBQ before heading up to Kirkwood Park for the fireworks.  If you remember my post from last year, I told you about how much parking is an issue--so, once again, we elected to walk to the fireworks!  But, luckily the Mooney's house to the park wasn't nearly as far as we walked from our own house last year...and then we dropped our car off closer to the park so we'd just have to walk to that to get home!  Smart we are, aren't we?!

It was gorgeous outside so we seized the opportunity for a family photo (sorry Scoots)--and of course I had to snap one with Rosie and her godmama Lauren too!  Lauren joined us for the BBQ and fireworks and it was so much fun having her there!  I miss working with her so much, so times like these I really appreciate that we can catch up!

This was the current state as soon as we got to the park: Rosie snoozin' and Patrick promptly setting up his chair ready for the show...which was going to start in 2+ hours.  Oops.  We had a little waiting to do.  BUT!  Last year I remember Patrick not sitting still.at.all. and we chasing him around for 2 hours and him wanting to get into and play with everything other people had.  This year he was a GEM.  Seriously.  He didn't move more than 3 feet from our chairs and mostly just ran around our stuff, sat in his chair, lunged at us with hugs, and repeated that for 2 hours.  He was so good!  And it was so nice to just be able to sit back and chit chat!  --Rosie of course just sat there and enjoyed being passed around between the grandparents and parents.

I had to do a little comparison pic of Patrick and I from last year to this year...my oh my how my little boy has changed in a year!  I thought last year he didn't look like a baby anymore, but boy, does he ever not look like one now!

Right before the fireworks started someone else near the park was shooting off some smaller ones and Patrick lost it.  He was sooooo entranced!  He kept yelling "boom booms!  boom booms!! WOOWWWWW."  It was the cutest thing EVER.

Meanwhile, Rosie (and I) were like:

FINALLY, around 9:20pm they sang the National Anthem (which Patrick clapped at)...

And then the show got on the road.  I know I said last year how much Patrick loved the fireworks, well, this year topped that.  He was absolutely going NUTS over them!  Every single one he would scream, "WOWWWW!!!!"  or "BOOM BOOMS!" (and point at the sky) or "Ma!  OHHHHHH!!" It was so darn cute.  Everyone around us kept looking at him and smiling--it made my mama heart so happy!  And it was 100% pure innocent joy and that's what made it so special.

Rosie, on the other hand, just sat there with her usual RBF face.  She didn't seem amused, but didn't seem angry either (probably cause she was wayyyyy past her bedtime!  Ha!).

As soon as the fireworks were over (at 10pm! OMG!) we loaded up the stroller and sped-walked out of the park with the other 10,000 people who came to watch.  This is when Rosie decided enough was enough, she was hungry and tired, so she gave everyone within a mile radius of us a complete freak out screaming fit the.entire.15.minute.walk.to.the.car.  PARENTS OF THE YEAR.  Stupid stupid me, she was fine when I put her in the stroller, so I thought when we'd be moving she'd still be fine: NOPE.  Gahhhh!  I felt so bad for her screaming and upset the whole time!  I should have thrown her in my Tula to walk back to our car instead.  Then she would have fell asleep.  Gahhhh, next time I guess.

All in all, we had an absolutely fantastic Fourth, and it was some excellent family time and celebrating with friends (I love you Lauren!).  The kids both passed out by 11pm, and shocker, are both still sleeping here at 8:45am when I type this (OMG!!), so safe to say they had a good time as well I think :)

I cannot wait to see what next July 4th brings our little family--but if it's anything like the past two, it'll be amazingly awesome.  I cannot wait!

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