Week in Review

Uh, I just realized I haven't blogged since Monday!  OMG.  6 whole days ago!  I've been slacking this week, and apparently doing something other than my usual nap time blogging.  Ha!

Honestly, I think I've been trying to squeeze so much in this past week since I go back to work for a couple weeks Monday, before being off again for another couple, then back to work full time the beginning of August.  My "work" the next 2 weeks will be super chill--just me and the other tech guy getting stuff ready for the start of the year--but still, it's involving me going into work and not spending every second with my bebes.  Oh lord, I better stop typing about that now before the waterworks start.

Anyways, this week was sure a fun one!  We got to hang with so many friends and family and do a lot of stuff, including a couple trips to the pool.  Ahhhh, sweet summertime, I love you so.

Anyways, Monday was oodles of fun because Mike was off work (!!!) and we were able to hit up the pool for tot time before naps and my photoshoot in the afternoon.

We also picked up my parent's baptism gift to Rosie: her Patty Cakes.  I LOVE that hers were done at the same time (5 weeks old) that Patrick's were, and now grace our stats wall in our hallway.  LOVE.

Also, a Rosie-changing-table picture, just cause :) --but really cause she's almost too chunky for her size 1 Applecheeks--she's over 16 pounds now! OMG!  So we'll probably be moving her up to size 2s very soon.  Tear.

Also, #thathairtho.  Oh, Rosie girl, that hair KILLS me.  I hope it always has as much spunk and sass as it does now!

On Tuesday we went to the pool again and met our friends Robyn, Rory, and Milo.  Robyn, who I'm sure I've talked about before, is the owner of TinySuperheroes--and is going to be featured on KSDK's "Making a Difference" segment next Sunday!  I'm so excited for her!

We had a blast at the pool with them and had a great time at lunch with all four of our kiddos!  Luckily my favorite kid-friendly joint was more than accommodating and didn't mind the little feet running all around their eatery.

Rosie was being extra smiley Tuesday night, and I was able to capture a few of her big grinned smiles.  Ahhh, they just kill me.

I also whipped up this meme of Patrick and posted it on IG and in one of my cloth diaper groups because it is SO.DARN.TRUE. every single time I order something, especially new diapers that I'm trying to sneak past Mike.  Seriously.  The struggle is real people!

On Wednesday we met up with my good friend Regan and two of her kiddos (her oldest was at vacation bible school)--who her kiddos Wesley (1 month older than Patrick) and Hadley (1 month younger than Rosie) will be in the same grades at the same schools from K-12th grade as our kiddos!  How awesome is that?!  Regan and I went to Kindergarten through senior year together, and now our kiddos will too.  I just love that.

After our playdate we hit up the grocery store, and Patrick was tickled that he scored the police car shopping cart (me, not so much.  It's a beeotch to push!) for our trip.  Lucky duck.

Rosie then went down for an early siesta, so Patrick and I had lunch and watched some "minnn-ons" (as he calls Despicable Me) and ate some Oreos.  He had to watch his show will all of his minion buddies in tow--this kid is officially obsessed...and I'm okay with it, cause it's a super cute and funny movie that I've watched a hundred times already and am not sick of (yet).

When Patrick went down for a nap I took Scooter out to go tinkle and, low and behold, this little Yorkie comes running up to him!  Well, I didn't see anyone around, so I scooped her up and brought her inside.

Luckily she had a collar on with a phone number, so I gave her human mom a call and she had escaped from the backyard several streets away.  She came and picked her up, and Scooter then missed his new little friend he got to play inside with for a while #dogproblems.

Another couple Rosie pics from Wednesday night, cause, I can't resist.  She is just so darn cute!  I love this age!

Thursday we were suppose to meet our friends Kari and her kiddos Corbin and Adelaide and our friend Lauren at the pool, but it was 65 degrees out (what?!! In July?!!) and rainy, so Kari had the genius idea to hit up the Galleria's indoor playplace right by the food court.  OMG.  Geniusssssssss.  This will be our new go-to for free indoor fun.

Patrick had an absolute blast and Rosie loved just sitting there looking at everything--probably all of the colors.  I enjoyed 2 hours of catching up with my friends seemingly uninterrupted by kids!  It was awesome.

Rosie had a rough few nights of sleeping the past week--okay, 2.  And I'm pretty sure it was a 3 month growth spurt, because instead of doing her usual 8pm - 4/5am, she was waking up at 12am/1am to eat then again at 5/6am.  No.me.gusta.  Luckily she only did this 2 nights and then assumed her 8-9 hour siesta spans (before then going back to sleep till 9am), but still.  I did not enjoy this.  Plus, she boycotted naps harddddd several days this week, crying and whining when I put her down (so unlike her!), so Thursday she just refused to nap altogether.  It.sucked.

BUT!  That didn't last--the past 2 days she's back to napping (and going down relatively quietly, albeit 10 minutes or so of whining before falling asleep), so I'm counting my lucky stars and hoping that keeps up!  Everyone, including mama bear here, is much happier when everyone is getting good sleep, especially these two:

Oh, we have found a new nighttime diaper solution for Patrick, who was leaking out of his usual nighttime dipes...and I'm not sure why I'm telling you this, but I'm just happy he's not waking up soaked (jammies and everything in his crib it seemed like.  ugh!) anymore.  YAY!  Small victories.

On Friday I whipped out one of my Tulas and put Patrick in it on my back (to see if he'd fit--testing the "up to 45lbs" rule it advertises), and sure enough, he does!  Now, do I attempt to carry him on my back in that one and Rosie on my front in my other one?!!  We will see...stay tuned :)

We did hit up the pool again Friday (gahhh!  No pictures!  So unlike me!) with Kari and her kiddos and Lauren, since we got rained out on Thursday, and that was super fun.  Lauren was awesome chasing Patrick around while I carried Rosie in my sling until she fell asleep.  

After naps I got my camera out and snapped some pics of Rosie (and Scoots, naturally) because she, again, woke up just so happy and smiley and I couldn't resist!  I just can't!

Those blue eyes of hers KILLLLLLL MEEEEE.  I sure hope they stay!

On Friday night we then headed to our friend Meghan and Adam's to have dinner and for Patrick to play with their little guy Levi.  Oh man, did they have fun--and Meghan and Adam's house was proof of that!  It was destroyed!  Meghan, if you're reading this, I'm sorry!  My kid is a tornado!  Ha!

Love their faces in that pic.  So cute.  I hope they remain buddies just like their mamas!

Friday night then we got home, did baths...

...crazy hair, don't care, apparently for Patrick, and all went to bed, because the 4th of July was the next day and we had big plans for that!  BUT!  You'll have to stay tuned for another post later this weekend all about our 4th of July fun, cause I'm not jamming it into this already-to-long post I've just made you read.  Ha!  I'm stopping here.  Have a great one friends!

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