Rosie at 3 Months

Rosie is THREE months (and 13 weeks!) old today!  My oh my how fast she is growing up!  We don't go back to the pediatrician until 4 months for her next well-check, so you get to live with just my mom stats and (over?) observations this month--get excited.  And I also had a really hard time picking her monthly here are the 2 close second and third place pics :)

Here's a fun little collage of her weekly pics I've been snapping (#GrowRosieMGrow on Instagram) and posting every week.  I was telling my friend I love being able to see the subtle little changes each week and then the bigger changes with her in her monthly pics.  My buddy Lauren knows I am a sucker for comparison pics!  They are indeed my fave.

Here are some fun facts about miss Rosie at 3 months old.  I'm sure these little stats and tid bits are what you live for, right?!  Right.  I'm so sure.  Anyways, if for nothing else, it gives me some insight and info to look back on and compare future burritos to when they're this old.

  • Rosie weighs 16 pounds and 6 ounces (note: Patrick at 3 months was 15lbs 10oz!  She's almost a pound bigger than he was...and I thought HE was big)--OMG.  She is a chunk!  I have no idea how long she is...stay tuned for that from her 4 month doctor's appointment.
  • Rosie is wearing all 9 month clothes, and some 12 month clothes.  There are some 9 month outfits that are just too small for her, so she's in some 12 month.  Girlfriend is bigggggg!  Ha!  Needless to say we've burned through clothes pretty fast, and there are several outfits that got one wear, and many that got none!  Oops!
  • A few days after I published her 2 month post we moved her out of the pack and play in our room and into her bed (right after she turned 9 weeks old)--I have to say it's gone AWESOME.  Super easy peasy transition with no problems (thus far!  Knock on wood!) sleeping in her crib during nap or bedtime.
  • Speaking of sleeping, Rosie is a CHAMP.  She's consistently sleeping from 8 or 8:30pm until 4:30 - 5:30am, waking up, eating for maybe 5 minutes, and then back to sleep until 9am or later.  IT.IS.GLORIOUS.  I bet she'll be dropping that early morning feeding soon and giving us 11-12 hour stretches...but, if she doesn't, that's fine too.  She's really sleeping great and so am I!  (My boobs couldn't go 12 hours, so her early morning wake ups are a nice relief for me too!). --I do want to add that last week she started throwing in a midnight/1am wake up to eat--3 month growth spurt I'm guessing!  Patrick did the exact same thing too when he turned 3 months (which ironically coincided with me going back to work, like I am today!).  After she ate for like 5 minutes she'd go back to sleep till 5/6am, when she was just sleeping till.
  • Rosie takes 1 nap (usually 2-3 hours, same time as Patrick) a day in her crib.  She does doze off in the morning before lunchtime and in the evening after dinner, but, like with Patrick, we only put her down for a 'formal' nap once a day--and thus far it's working great!  She will sometimes cry herself to sleep in her crib--and maybe I'm a mean mom, but I let her.  She's usually overly tired and falls asleep within ten minutes or so.  But once she's asleep, she gives us a good couple of hours.  Fingers crossed that keeps up, cause having two nap at the same time is ah-mazing.
  • Really starting to move her arms and legs and thrust around all the time.  I'm sure she'll be rolling over soon--wait, maybe not though, she is huge and that's a lot of body to move! ha!--but she sure doesn't like laying still.  Her arms and legs are always flailing about.  I think Patrick was just over 4 months old before he rolled over, so I'm not expecting her to do so anytime soon.  Plus, she's become not a fan of tummy time (too much weight on her I think!) so she doesn't get a TON of time spent on her belly.
  • Does not take a pacifier (I've tried!--and she'll tease us and suck on one for like 2 minutes then spit it out and gag on it when we try and give it back to her), but will suck on her hand and arm--I'm sure it's just a matter of time before she finds her thumb!  Ha!
  • Really only cries when something is wrong--dirty diaper, hungry, overly tired, etc...--but her cries are getting less and smiles are getting more prominent!  She even has giggled a few times and it's the cutest thing EVER.
  • Seems to be very observant (like her brother was and still is!) and loves watching what's going on.  She will have the most stern game-faced look, and I think that's because she's so good at watching and focusing on whatever is going on.
  • Still LOVES to be in her Tula carrier or ring sling (my mom made me this awesome mesh ring sling for the pool!)--literally 5 minutes after I put her in one of these she's out like a light.  So if she's ever struggling to get to sleep (or, like at the pool if I need to her snooze so I can chase Patrick around) I pop her in a carrier and 5 minutes later she's out!  It is very nice.
  • Will take one bottle a day, usually 4-6oz (from Mike), but prefers to nurse.  Patrick I remember would chug bottles and even started to prefer them over nursing by a couple months old--Rosie is the exact opposite.  Girlfriend prefers to get her milk directly from the source rather than a bottle.  She will take one, but definitely doesn't prefer it.  It will be interesting to see how she does when I go back to school full time in a month when she'll be taking a'many bottles during the day.
Here's Rosie from 0 to 3 oh my how she's grown!  And doubled in weight!  GAHHH!  They're not suppose to do this until they're 6 months!!

And here's a little treat: Patrick at 3 months and Rosie at 3 months.  Ahhh, bless these little babes of mine!  I'm biased, I know, but I have two adorable little minions, don't I?!

Well, that's about all I have for Rosie's 3 month post!  Hope you've enjoyed it...until month 4, adios friends!

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