Weekend Shenanigans and Impromptu Photo Shoots

After a fun-filled day at Kate's Lake on Friday, we kinda laid low the rest of the weekend.  Both Saturday and Sunday us lazy bums over here didn't get out of bed till 9:30am.  It.was.glorious.

I had a busy morning on Saturday--I had a meeting with a potential new photography (wedding!!) client on Saturday morning, and then went and shot our good friend Adam and Sarah's 5 day old baby girl Daisy's newborn pics.  Gahhhh!  Newborns ALWAYS ALWAYS give me baby fever--and I've got a 3 month old at home!  It's the smell--that newborn head smell is intoxicating, and makes me want a flock of burritos.  Ahhh, all in good time Alex, all in good time.  Enjoy the two you have now!  Okay, I'm done talking myself off of another baby ledge for now...but I can almost promise you there will be a third Mooney before too long! :)

Anyways, so we had a surprise party for our friend Lauren on Saturday night, so my parents came over to watch the kiddos and Mike and I went--and we lived it up!  We got home at 9:30pm!  Ha!  #lifewithkids.  This is our jam most of the time when we go "out"--we are home usually by 10pm.  So lame.  BUT!  It was a fun time with our friends--great adult time!

Sunday we didn't have anything planned--Mike had to work at 3pm and I wanted to run to Target--that was about it.  My good buddy Ann text me the night before asking if we were going to do the #TulaTargetTakeOver on Sunday and I was like YES!!  I needed to go to Target anyways and this was a great excuse to maybe finally TITW (Tula in the Wild--what you yell out when you see another person wearing a Tula (the baby carriers we both have) and they "Caw Caw" back at you!).

Well, as luck would have it (and to the demise of Ann's hubby Drew), we found TWO other people (a husband and wife) Tula-ing at Target!  They yelled "Tula in the Wild!" at us and we Caw Cawed back...then made Drew snap a pic.  It was so much fun!  I love connecting with other mamas who have the same interests as us (babywearing, cloth diapering, etc...).  Just so much fun!!

Mike went off to work, and when the bebes got up from their afternoon siestas we headed over to Mike's parents for dinner.  I wanted to get there a bit early so I could snap some pics of the kiddos in front of the barn because it wasn't too hot, and the ground was finally dry (and is now soaking wet again as I type this cause it just monsooned out).

Well, Patrick is really hit or miss lately with pictures--sometimes it involves some bribery (aka train playing, cookie eating), but most of the time he's either in the mood or not.  Today I don't think he was in the mood--I mean, I got some good shots of him, but not many smiling, and not many 'good' ones of both of them.  Oh well, still a fun little shoot.  I am hoping and praying that in October when the leaves are turning and it's a bit cooler out (and Rosie's 6 months old and sitting up!) that I can manage to get some good shots of them together.  Fingers crossed!

Overall, it was a splendid weekend with oodles of family time (Mike was off half of it!  Woot!) that I'm really REALLY soaking it all in, seeing as I start back at work FULL TIME 2 weeks from tomorrow (wahhhh!).  Let's not discuss that.  I mean, I'm excited about going back to work because I love my job and where I work, but I'm not excited about leaving my kiddos all day.  Okay, I'm stopping myself now from thinking about this and gonna worry about it in 2 weeks.  Right now I'm wrapping this post up, gonna go watch some Guys Grocery Games and shovel chocolate chip Oreo cookies in my mouth.  Boom.  Happy Sunday evening friends!

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