Back to Work, Back to the Pool

Yesterday was my first day back at work (sort of...I'm just working these 2 weeks getting stuff wrapped up in the tech office from last year and getting ready for this year...then I'm off for another 2 weeks before I go back full time with everyone else at my school at the beginning of August) and first time leaving both burritos all day long.  Not gonna lie, it was hard going back, even if it was only for a really relaxed day of work basically by myself in the tech office.  After spending nearly every second for 12 weeks with Rosie--she was 3 whole months old yesterday!--(and almost as much with Patrick), it was kinda hard leaving and knowing that someone else would be feeding her and taking care of her...but luckily she (and Patrick too...but I've left him before--never her!) was in fabulous hands with grandma and grandpa Mooney.  Anyways, it was tough, but I got through it!  And I know that for our family to make ends meet, I have to going back and working supports our family and allows us to do things on weekends, go out to eat, live in the house we do, have cable and internet, and so much more.  So, I suck it up, knowing that my babes are in good hands, and go back to work.

After a day working on resetting student computer passwords and re-imaging them, Mike suggested we hit up the pool (besides tot time in the mornings, we had yet to go to the pool during regular swim time) when we both got home from work.  I think we both were pooped, but we missed the kiddos and wanted to do something fun with them--so off to the pool we went!

Doesn't Rosie look adorable in her suit?!  We had never taken her in the pool before--cause it was always in the middle of the day and we didn't want her to get sunburned--but since it was almost 5pm when we got to the pool we thought she deserved a chance to enjoy the water with her brother.  And, side note, that's an 18 month swim suit she's wearing!

So, not kidding, 2 minutes after Patrick jumped in the baby pool: BOOM.  Thunder and lightning.  DANG IT.  So everyone had to get out of the pool for 30 minutes.  I looked at the radar on my phone and it looked like it would pass us quickly, so we elected to wait--because we knew Patrick would lose it (even more!) if he didn't get to swim.

Waiting...and waiting...and more waiting!  Every time a new thunder would crack the 30 minute wait started from there!  GAHHHH!  We waited almost an hour and a half--minus a few teen girls, we were the only ones who waited!  I was pooped and should have waved my white flag and said 'let's just get a rain check and go', but no, we powered through the rain delay (Patrick was actually pretty good...just a lot of running around on the pool deck and some whining wanting to go in the pool), and just after 6pm we got to go back in.  Woo freaking hoo.

Since we were the only ones who waited (the teen girls left shortly before they reopened the pool), Patrick got the entire kiddy pool to himself!  One of the guards was so cute playing with him and showing him how to turn on all of the water spouts.  He was in heaven.

Meanwhile, Rosie and I sat in the shallow end and she had her RBF face in full-force.  Kinda like the fireworks, she was indifferent to the water: didn't hate it, but didn't show that she loved it either.  Typical.

In between one of Patrick's laps around the pool we did managed to snag him and Rosie in a pic together.  This was the best we got.  He was less interested in holding his sister and more so in playing in all of the water sprayers.  Typical of Patrick.

We left around 6:45pm--and I think we all were super tired, Rosie especially.  We ate a quick dinner when we got home and everyone got baths and a snack.  Rosie was asleep by 8pm, and my mom picked Patrick up then shortly after to have a sleepover at her house.  Mike and I were completely exhausted--I think our pool date after work would have been much better (and less exhausting!) had we actually gotten to swim right when we got there and left at 6pm--instead of just getting in the pool.  Oh well, next time maybe.

Anyways, just wanted to give you a fun little blog post early this Tuesday morning before I head back into work again.  Bittersweet it is really: I love my job so much, but I also love spending every minute with my kiddos!!   Gahhh!  Why is life so hard sometimes?!

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