Busy Beavers.

Ahhhh, as most of my posts start talking about what we've been doing, this one starts the same: I'm just finishing up editing a morning fall photo session before getting all of my gear charged up and ready for an all-day wedding we have tomorrow in Hermann.

So!  What have we been up to?  Well, not much and everything all at once.  Seriously.  We are indeed busy beavers.  With Mike's schedule and trying to get him as much sleep as possible, we have been keeping busy busy!

This kid is such a character.  I love him so, especially when I tell him to smile and he does this!  Haha!  He cracks me up.  And this post may be lacking from his presence because he's at his vacation home this weekend, sooooo, lots of Rosie pics for you.

Scooter's been busy doing a whole lotta nothing lately, unless it's looking dashing for photos, occasionally blogging, and sleeping.  YOLO, right Scoots?!

I whipped this little number up because I got super frustrated by a request to "just bring my camera" for a few pics for an upcoming event.  Um, doesn't work like that.  My "free" camera I always bring is my iPhone.  You want me to bring ^^ that?!  Pay up peeps.  I don't work for free anymore.

Earlier this week my friends Tiff, Lauren, and I were texting and Lauren was saying what a busy day she had and Tiff replied, "Well at least it's Friday."  Lauren and I both died: because it most definitely was NOT!  Haha!  So I had to meme Patrick for a response to it.  They both got a kick out if it.

We spent a lot of time this past week at the park, which was awesome.  Now that the weather has cooled and it's so nice out we will be hitting up the parks as much as possible to give Mike some siesta time AND to play outside as much as possible before winter sets in.

Earlier this week our buddies the Polans came over for dinner and the kids had a BLAST playing with them!  We definitely had a good time catching up with the adults too.  Haha.

This sassy lady turned 18 months old earlier this week!  I promise I have her 18 month blog post coming for you (Tuesday probably!) but waiting to add some deets from her 18 month checkup from the doc before I hit publish...so sit tight :)

Speaking of this little lady, I am officially obsessed with her June & January wardrobe and put her in it all the time and I really REALLY want it for myself.  Like really.

They are both obsessed with their iPads AND FaceTiming.  I don't really blame them; I love technology and love that they do too.

Ro has been YOLOing it since Patrick is gone and enjoying her treat of single childness this weekend.  She doesn't look too happy about it at all, does she?!  She's currently on hour 3.5 of her afternoon nap so I guess maybe she does still get worn out with Patrick gone?!  Haha.  It is fun just having some one-on-one time with each kiddo every now and again.

I'll end this post with this amazing new message board I snagged this morning at Hobby Lobby.  My maturity level has skyrocketed I'm sure because of it, but whatever, it's awesome and I love having it for our entryway.  I bought a second one to use for photo shoots too...excited about that!  Maybe I'll do #3's monthly or weekly snaps with it too...stay tuned.

After a great rest of your weekend friends!

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