Miracle! --or Photoshop?!

I shared a similar pic here about or weekend adventures but by some miracle I didn't share ^^^ this pic.  Do you see what I see?!!  Everyone is looking at the camera and smiling!  It's a miracle!

But wait?!  It is?!  Well, to the naked eye and general public and anyone now looking at my Pics & Paws Facebook Page it sure is...but actually it is a little Photoshop magic.  Recently I've been showing my computer graphics students how to do faceswaps in Photoshop, and I've been doing them with my own photoshoot clients and although it's time consuming to do, it's really rewarding to see your final image that you can't tell is really a combination of a few!

There are 2 examples of recent face swaps (and dog head swaps!) I did with my students from a photoshoot I did.  It's super cool that I can use stuff from my photog gig as content in my classroom!  Yay real life applications!

Anyways, the top pic is now one of my all-time favorites and I maybeeeeee ordered it as a magnets for my buddies to have on their fridge.  So if any of my few readers out there are those friends I just spoiled your surprise!  OOPS! :)

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