Snap Snap Snappin'!

Wowzas.  What a busy week and weekend!  This was my last big hoorah for photography until after #3 comes.  I still have oodles of one-hour shoots booked through January, but no more marathon mini-session days or weddings.  As much as I enjoy doing these, at almost 25 weeks pregnant I am moreeeeee than happy to hang up my camera strap on these until after #3 comes.

After I posted last week about my Photoshop fun, I had some more fun with my kids and some leaf overlays to really "fall up" a recent pic of them!  Gosh, I love Photoshop so much when it doesn't frustrate me.  Haha.

I snagged these snaps from Patrick's teacher's blog at school.  He has SO MUCH FUN at school and gets so excited to go everyday.  We hear great things from his teachers about him (or they're doing a great job lying to us!) and I hope this love for learning and going to school NEVER EVER FADES.  Ha, don't hold your breath Alex.

Speaking of school, last week Patrick had a curriculum night where we got to go and he showed us all around his classroom.  Oh my gosh, was he in heaven!  He was so excited to just have mom and dad solo to himself AND got to show us everything he does the days he goes to school.  He couldn't have been more excited for this night -- and so were we!

Last week a steam train rolled through Kirkwood and Mike took the kiddos (and happened to meet up with KiKi, Goose, Ann, Emma, and Oliver too!) to see it pass through and he brought one of the cameras to snap some pics!  I'm so glad he got these pics and he and the kids really had a blast seeing it -- Patrick especially because he LOOOOOVES trains so much.

Since the weather has been so gorgeous lately when I get home from school I take the kiddos a lot to the park to play so Mike can sleep.  Last week was no exception -- I think we hit up the park a couple of nights!  Both kids love it and now that Rosie is wayyyyy more mobile it makes these park dates even more fun.  I'm going to get seriously depressed when winter comes and we're stuck inside every afternoon.  Boo hiss.

The kids are still completely obsessed with this toy their friends Stef and Matt brought over for them when they came for dinner a few weeks ago!  It really is a super neat toy -- they got it at Sweet Be's if you're STL local and want to grab one for your own kiddo!  I just can't handle it. (read: I love it so and she's never getting it cut.)

So Ro has been battling a rouge fever/virus for the past several days.  It's so weird.  Her fever will get as high as 103 or 104, then come down almost instantly with tylenol or ibuprofen, and then go back up!  But she's got NO OTHER symptoms other than a fever!  So weird.  I'm gonna call her doc tomorrow just to see what she says because it's been going on and on like this for 4+ days now!

This kid is developing his own sense of style more and more everyday and I love it so much.  Demanding a coozie on his milk cup and wearing cowboy boots with shorts and a taco shirt.  He just slays me.

Ro didn't want to keep hers on.  Typical.  But still an adorable pic.  Can't believe in a little over 3 months there'll be one more burrito added to this bunch!

Patrick spent the weekend at his vacation home and Rosie was not happy when she got up Saturday morning and discovered he was gone.  Not happy one bit.  But thank the good lord above for FaceTime to keep her at bay until his return.

Ro got a lot of solo time this weekend with Patrick gone and I obviously have a June & January soft mint color problem lately but gahhhh it's such a pretty color and she doesn't object to wearing it (like she does with some of her shoes I try and put her in) so I'm rolling with it for now.

I sent ^^^ these to Mike after my session on Friday night and was just sooooo happy with how they turned out!  These are Catie and Cory and we're snapping their wedding next September, so they got some engagement pics taken this fall and OMG the lighting and colors and outfits were just PERFECT!  You can look at more from their sesh here if you're so interested.

And finally, the point of my post: I am officially mini - session snapped out!  Mike snapped this of me before my sessions yesterday and I got home last night and totally sent Mike solo to the Halloween party we were suppose to go to because I was too tired and was going to go to bed.  Well, when he got home at 12:30am and found me still on the couch with my computer, he knew that I got "looking" at the pics I took and couldn't pry myself away from powering through and editing them!

Several hours later and a very VERY late and uncharacteristic bedtime for me, I have ALL of my sessions edited, teasers posted, and and uploading each individual session to get sent to my clients hopefully by the end of today!  I am pooped!  And so sore.  SO SO SO sore.  Ugh.

I do have another family session this afternoon, so I'm glad I won't be backed up with minis and not be able to get to theirs right yay for that and my OCD with editing!

So that's about all I've got!  That was a quick little week recap for you on this gorgeous Sunday that I want to be outside enjoying but my legs and back are screaming at me and saying otherwise.  Haha.  Maybe some tylenol and a nap are in my future...we will see!  I do have my almost 25 week ultrasound and checkup at my OB tomorrow, so I'm excited about that and to see if my placenta moved at all and how much #3 is a'growin'.  Stay tuned for a fun little update with that on Tuesday with my weekly bump post.

Have a good one friends!

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